After a day filled with hiking (spoken like a true couch potato), we put up a night in Fox Glacier Top 10 Holiday Park. Located just outside of town on the Cook Flat Road, it’s conveniently on your way to Lake Matheson, the lake famous for its mirror reflection.

Caught up with our laundry and charging our electronics. Saw an elderly couple who arranged their camping chairs facing the mountains. So here is their awesome view. Of course my cheapo smart phone camera didn’t do it justice.

20150319_194402_Richtone(HDR)The mountain range changes colour depending on the height of the sun. It really was truly spectacular…

The day was spent cooking and just relaxing….

The next day, I decided to skip Lake Haast RiverMatheson and started driving towards Wanaka. Yes, I know. Blasphemy! But the road to Wanaka is long and dwindling. Had plenty of beautiful pitstops but they were filled to the brim with tourists; ie: Fantail Creek.

Entering the Lake County, we were greeted by the magnificent turquoise colour of the Lake Wanaka. We were speechless for awhile, entertaining our thoughts, just marvelling at God’s show.

Lake Hawea

Wanaka and Hawea are two fresh-water lake in the Otago region which are divided by an isthmus, Wanaka being the bigger one.

Initially I wanted to put up a night at Lake Outlet Holiday Park, which is at the edge of Lake Wanaka, but in the end we made a turn to Lake Hawea instead.

Lake Hawea

Lake Hawea at sunset


Our motorhome in Lake Hawea Holiday Park


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