Glacier County

19th March 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 5.06.00 PM

Salji salji then suddenly what is that? Palm tree??

After leaving Lake Mahinapua DOC, we drove down south the coast towards he Glacier County. The route was lined with snowcapped mountains surrounded by green rainforests. It was remarkable how the two could co-exist within the same vicinity, which could be captured within the same photoframe!

We made an impromptu pit stop at one of the river gorges along the way because thambi wanted to pee. And here in the view of the loo:


Of course had to mancing.


The loo with a view


Bad angle with the double chin, of course

Both Franz Josef and Fox Glacier are packed with tourists wanting a glimpse of the glacier. The sky was buzzing with helicopters bearing eager outsiders for a snow/glacier landing.

We picked Fox Glacier out of the two since it guarantees the closest glacier viewing experience. The entrance to the glacier is accessible via Glacier Access Road, which brought us to a rocky parking area by the mountains.

I whipped out Syaiful’s GoPro cam for the first time during our NZ trip. It was tricky initially before we got the hang of it. From the Lonely Planet guide, the Terminal Face walk was supposed to be an easy walk. But boy, the climb was pretty steep; it took us plenty of stops to get to the top.

Of course this is totally not me exaggerating because there were plenty of pakciks and makciks huffing and puffing along the way.

The reward? Magnificent.


Need to get one of those humongous camera to do the trick, I suppose


Amma and her pyjamas


Thambi and the mountain


3 thoughts on “Glacier County

  1. Hi Laily!
    Long time no comment.. been out of the blogosphere for a while now. I miss writing but gosh no time now! How are you and what’ve you been up to!?

    NZ is wonderful… the one place I wouldn’t hesitate of going again and again. I glacier hiked at Franz Josef, black water rafted in Rotorua, skydived and bungeed at Queenstown and so much more! Gotta say it was the best holiday ever.

    Sometimes I can’t believe it was almost 5 years ago…

  2. Hi Naz!
    Wah, memang long time no hear from you. We were both busy 🙂 Alhamdulillah I’m good, working, enjoying life by the day, wishing so much I could travel non-stop 😀 Tell me about you 🙂

    Yea, NZ was wonderful… I didn’t bungee, maybe next time? It was the best holiday for me too, that’s why I’m making another trip there (for a month-long this time!) next year. Wanna join?

    Thank you for dropping by, Naz. So good to hear from you again 🙂

  3. I wish I could! Nothing like packing up your bags and traveling the world. Make sure you bungee on your next trip… so many things to do there. Even long hour drives are peaceful. Retire and stay situ macam menarik kan? =p

    I currently live in South Korea where my husband works. Almost 2 years now. Quit my job, so I’m now at SAHM to 2 kids — my 2yo daughter and 10mo son. Quite challenging I must say *wipes sweat*

    Who knows maybe someday I’ll blog again… you know just to let off some steam hehe.

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