About the lady

Very entertaining daughter. Highly amusing sister. Reliable aunty. Fiercely loyal friend. I love God, hopefully He loves me back. A midget in all fifty states of America. Laughs like a grenade; you’ll never know when I’d burst. Have a slightly convoluted mind. I do honestly love my job, and I think it’d be swell if all others love theirs too. Takde laa banyak sangat MC aku nak kena issue. Hehhe…


13 thoughts on “About the lady

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  2. lifeisaduty says:

    found urs thru amal’s.
    nice. some of it even reflects.

    and howyeh..idop coffee prince hahaha..
    i still have 8cups to finish.

  3. ui tak perasan daaa byk pulak org tinggal msg kat sini

    cikerdots: thank you! 😀

    anneesa: cute? hahha, thanks, i guess? and salam perkenalan 🙂

    lifeisaduty: good luck with the other 8cups 🙂

  4. Your Diary says:

    Hi babe.

    Kinda miss you, it’s been a long time since we’ve exchanged emails. Got lots to tell you but never seem to have the time. Just wanna tell you I’m still thinking about you though I didn’t mail you. Hope you’d never ever have that thought that I’ve forgotten about you, ever. Ok, you take care! I’ll mail you latest update about life soon, promise..Hugs and kisses… ❤

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