Queensland & New South Wales

It was not the first time we traveled together, but it was the first time we traveled, traveled together.

In a campervan.

Try it!

But don’t mampatkan 8 orang satu campervan laa… Four is a good number. Appa, amma, thambi, yourself.

Make sure you’re tolerant to:
1- Your appa and thambi pretending to know what they are doing with the map which in the end you yang kena jadi navigator.
2- Your brother’s smelly farts.
3- Your brother’s noisy ‘halilintar’ snores.
4- Your appa calling for stops at every sungai and tepi laut visible just to fish.
5- Your amma… Eh, my amma is the best travel companion lah. Why? Cause she cooks. Hahha!

We spared two weeks from our crazy schedules, all of us pitching in. Mak for flight tickets, ayah for petrol (which is crazy expensive, we Malaysians have it easy), adik for campervan parkings, and I paid for the campervan.

Ayah and adik, well, mostly adik was the designated driver. The campervan was easy to handle. Mak and I were the executive DO (dapur officer). She actually enjoyed cooking in a cramp space. Hahha. Maggi and tuna? Pshttt. We ate fresh prawns, crabs, fish, nasik goreng briyani minyak, pasta alla itu ini for the whole two weeks in Australia.

Promoting the Britz campervan and Lonely Planet guidebooks. Fingal Bay

Broken Head

Wide open spaces.


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