Sup, yo?

Taking everything in stride makes you appreciate more.

I’m oncall. I’m running high-temperature fever. I follow whatever instructions I always give to patients in case of severe URTI: take your Panadol 2 tablets four times daily and other meds, MANDI, minum plenty of water, jalan-jalan around rumah, makan, and don’t fret, in sha Allah it’ll be over soon.

Alhamdulillah, my call yesterday was good (according to my MA). No referral case at all. Very many thanks to my FMS who pitched in and did my extended hours. If not I’d be clerking patients via sign language tak pun kenyit-kenyit mata. Hahha. Besides no sick person wants to take advice from another sick person (credits to Hezne :)).

Nak dijadikan cerita, today since I’m all better kan, cases pun mula datang. Thank you, people of Maran, for giving me a sick day-in semalam. Hahha. Today started with open fracture of right femur. Kesian budak tu. Put on my proper baju and tudung, grabbed my keys and rushed to my Rush. Only to be disappointed by it. Battery flat! I told you abang Toyota! I told you! I had a major service (apa tah yang major) done two weeks back, and I INFORMED the Toyota personnel, “abang, enjin saya nak start pun dah malu-malu kucing. Rasa bukan starter. Pasal battery pun dah lebih 2 tahun”.

Later abang toyota called and informed, “tak payah tukar battery cause battery ada 60% lagi”. I was skeptical, 2 tahun battery ada 60% lagi. Biar bet. But the expert confirmed, who was I to argue?

But I felt disappointed because I was quite well aware of my own car. I am not the typical female who belasah naik kereta and never services one car and relies on one’s bf/husband/bapak for the general health of said car. I’d like to think that I am responsible of it, much like taking care of one’s child. So if it becomes sick under my care, it almost feels like I’m not doing a good job nurturing it. Twisted logic, but betul kan?

Takpe lah. Nasib baik kereta bawah rumah je. Then of course I had to run to clinic for the femur fracture. Lol, very attractive, with hidung tersumbat and hongeh, I arrived in one piece at the clinic. Kesian budak tu. Dah la family kat Lanchang. Geo lesson for you: Lanchang is about 90 kms from Maran.

Ah well. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be having my voice to communicate with the mechanic. With that, I leave you with this article: The Nature of Gratitude.



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