Midnight Meanderings

Wow, it has been so long!

12.50 am and I still can’t sleep. I should be rejoicing as my call tonight seems fairly good… The last call I got from the clinic only wanted me to review patient’s vital sign, so that was all good. I am really lucky. Whoever said that district makes for a bad practice, you guys are wrong. I have some of the best, most experienced staff nurses and JMs around. I cherish them for their knowledge and input, and for without them, my calls are gonna be shitty. Trust me.

I’m getting ponderish tonight because I feel helpless. A friend is about to hit rock bottom and I am too far away to lend a crying shoulder. Should I skip work tomorrow and make the 600 km drive? I shouldn’t even be contemplating this, because if I were a good enough friend, I would have started packing and off I went! I tried to send a care package, but it seems to impersonal. I sent a prayer her way… Hopefully that’ll tide her by before I could meet up with her.

I am also getting ponderish because the best friend is finally getting married. And I am genuinely happy for him. Alhamdulillah, jodoh dah sampaikan? Sampai ke hujung hayat la harapnya. Amin.

On Friday I had multiple patients who came from the neighboring town. It gets you frustrated, you know… Government builds Klinik Kesihatan in each town to accomodate the growing population, so that the rakyats do not have to travel far for health services. But not in this case. When asked, they don’t mind the travel as the staffs are friendlier. What can I say to that lah?

Yes. Euro 2012. So which team is your favorite? I notice with growing interest that Sergio Ramos looks hotter with the new haircut. LOL. I’m pretty adamant that England shall not make it past semi finals. Other than that, I think France and Italy are looking pretty good. And I am on call on 30th. FML. Hopefully that night the people of Maran will be too busy watching football to come to the clinic. Hahha.

I should try sleeping… Yes. Good night.


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