I don’t understand you.

You. I don’t understand you. You told me you respect me too much and you don’t think you’re ready. Two minutes later your FB status changed to ‘in a relationship with bla bla’. Screw you. Just tell me ‘I don’t like you like that’, I think I could take it like a big girl.

You. I don’t understand you. You never give signals when you want to make a turn. You drive your Kancil like an effin lorry. Aunty, stay in your lane before I honk you off the road.

You. I don’t understand you. You said it’s APO but you want to run fluids?? I don’t want to be the one filling up the death certificate…

You. I don’t understand you. You’re such a great girl and a great friend, and how does that guy manage to turn you into this, this weakening girl? He’s nobody, I keep on reiterating that to you, but you just wouldn’t listen. You are awesome. You kickass. When will you ever learn?

You. I don’t understand you. Your people ask to step down, you step down lah. You’d rather a bullet through your head, izzit? Kindly do the needful and listen to your country, please.

You. I don’t understand you. You think you’re the pengarah/penerbit/penulis skrip that you just have to add the pelakon into the resume. Your acting sucks, thank God your leading lady is cute, and the hantu is not too bad. Doesn’t mean your dad is awesome that it’s genetics. No, I’m sorry. Talent doesn’t work that way.

You. I don’t understand you. You had your half hour of fun (or 10 mins if your partner is seriously lacking), cooked up the consequences, and you have the heart to throw God’s gift to you the sidewalk/toilet without even a second thought. You are an animal.

Me. I don’t understand me. I’m pissed off at the world. I need tai-chi. I need iced lemon tea. I need.



2 thoughts on “I don’t understand you.

  1. Being tired does that to you.

    And yes, the world is full of negative stuff.

    Take a deep breath, smile and shrug it off. The trick is realising that you don’t have to let it affect you. 🙂

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