Let’s Just Not Talk About It

So the whole lot of us were in kampung because a tragedy strike. In the midst of all the ruckus, my nephew was the silver lining in the proverbial cloud.

Tok Tam: Afiq minum air sirap ya? Tak puasa ya?
Afiq: Shh (complete with the hush sign and penetrating glare. And he is only two and a half).

I’m going to be homeless in a few days, weeks if the admin is being nice. I failed to give the proper direction to my own house to my brother. I am an epic fail.

I finally caught up with Bones finale. What a disappointment.

Went to Masyitah and Eddie’s wedding. One of the funnest moments I’ve ever had in a long while. Them girls didn’t change. I realize I am missing it all: being housemates, being able to reach out without the internet connection, having the utmost supports in everything.

Medical rocks my socks. OD review? Hell yeah babe!

Oh, I forgot to mention. Western Australia is a big fat checked. Ian Wright would be proud. It is one epic tale, can’t be justified with a measly blog entry. (Sebenarnya maleh nak naip. Hahha). Just know that we ran into the kangaroos, boomerangs, wombats, all sorts of birds and insects, SNAKES, without even visiting the zoo. And yes, the view was SPECTACULAR that humbled me had just have to type in capital.

Next in STP: Danau Toba.
Next in LTP: Uh. Umrah kot. Insya Allah.

Figuring our route out

En route to Jurien Bay

Kalbaari. God is great, too beautiful for words.

Yuppies too excited crossing the Tropic of Capricorn. Hahha. Oh, check out the clear blue sky.


I’m quite restless. Valium anyone?


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