Ramblings. And more ramblings.

Kinabalu National Park

Yesterday, I almost did something uncharacteristic of me and borderline selfish. It has been pushed to the back of my to-do list countless of times so yesterday I just thought, whattheheck, whynot, letsgetitdone. But I hesitated, once I hesitated it was never a good sign, so I stopped altogether. I realized the possible outcome of my action, given if I did proceed with it, may hurt several people, although he/she may not be important to me, I would not want the same thing to be done to me.

Ana's ex-husband

I apologize for sounding obscure, but who reads this thing nowadays, anyway? Please feel free to intepret, we all love a good gossip.

KK was a good trip, given I was almost destitute with a few hengget to spare, boleh la blah nak beli stok megi. Hahha. Kundasang was a good place to live in, but I don’t really fancy the trip up the mountain. Sakit telinga aku dok pop pop tak berenti.

We have an Alexander’s Disease kid in the ward. It’s heartbreaking listening to the mother explaining how the child was deteriorating. “Dulu dia boleh lagi panggil mak. Sekarang tak dak dah… Dia buat bunyi saja. Dulu boleh meniti tepi kerusi. Sekarang nak bangun pun dah tak boleh.” Water works, I tell you. I had to disappear into the bilik rawatan to wipe away a stray tear. I hate paeds. I told you. I don’t deal well with kids dying.

And I’m going to miss scrubbing in. Sigh.

Wednesday got myself the H1N1 jab and damn, it’s gonna be a long time before I’m getting myself another jab. The sister in-charge was very gentle and thoughtful when she injected it, but dude, that 0.5cc of milky substance was some badass. I had undulating fever for 2 days, sore throat that developed on the 3rd day and to top it off, I vomited my stomach content at the end of the third day. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Anybody told you TapTap is addicting? My brother couldn’t comprehend the beauty of TapTap. He stared at me, appalled when he learned I have more games on my iPhone than I do medical stuff.

I watched The Losers and highly recommend it if you have two extra hours to kill. Chris Evans is such a hot nerd. Can’t wait for Nightmare in Elm Street. Freddy Krueger still gives me the chills even after 20 years. That nursery rhyme that the children sing in the movie?

One, two
Freddy’s coming for you
Three, four
Better lock the door
Five, six
Grab your crucifix
Seven, eight
Better stay up late
Nine, ten
Never sleep again

Yep, that one.

What’s your favorite horror movie?


3 thoughts on “Ramblings. And more ramblings.


    Now if only the iPhone had a better battery life.

    I personally could never do paeds myself. Sigh. I watched a kid being resuscitated in ER and had to force myself to watch it.

  2. -budakbaik- says:

    my ex-husband!!~ Hahaha 🙂
    Damn, I love you!

    Anyway, Ian gave me some songs.
    Rapist punya song. Comus.
    Much more interesting than Freddy Krueger.
    Good one, lek. Carik. I can hantar if you want.
    Love “Diana”.

  3. mary says:

    ive missed reading ur blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    its like grey’s anatomy only more accessible. u are so lucky to practice medicine.


    like you, i wouldn’t noe what i’d do if i weren’t teaching.

    take care and come to singapore soon

    maryam kawan pada nore

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