Post-call activities

Ko rasa weekend ko macam loser? Check out my weekend, man.

Last O&G call. Saturday call. Hmm, very the lepak blues & boleh tahan bosan. I was so bored I reviewed all the patients by 5 pm. It bucked up a bit by night, went down to help labor room cause I’m cool like that. At 11.30 came up to Astro room, just in time to catch extra time between NS & Kedah.

At 11.50pm  (just about the time penalty kick off), boss asked to scrub in cause the MHOT on call fella was missing. Aiyooo. Thank God he resurfaced like 3 mins after, and I missed Zaquan whatshisface’s kick. Or in a more proper sentence, I missed Zaquan whathisface missed his kick. Hahha.

Sore loser that I am not. NS deserves the FA cup as they displayed a slightly better performance compared to that of Kedah (although I watched only the total of 30 minutes of the game).

I had already applied for leave on Sunday behorehand so right after Prostin, cabut baby. I didn’t even shower. Balik rumah, baca pasai Fasha gaduh ngan Nora (which news happened to stand side-by-side with Polish President’s demise), pastu flat smp pukul 2.

At 2, woke up with a fangry (a word made up by Vikki comprising of feckin+angry+hungry) stomach so decided to head off to Prangin. After showering, of course. Makan Secret, tak sedor pun no cash in wallet (adala dalam 4 hengget), so jenuh la pulak nak ngode lebih 30 hengget to pay by card. Org Secret tgk macam gila hape minah ni, dah order nasik pastu brownie tambah mango delight cake lagi.

Then I thought about killing some time, I bought a ticket for Evolusi KL Drift 2. You heard that right, babe. Adik would have been so proud. It wasn’t bad, y’all. I especially am in love with the villain, Joe. I mean, Aaron Aziz is hot, and the tattoes (except for the word SINNER) made him even hotter so yeah. And he rocked at speaking Cantonese (I think.) It sounded pretty genuine. And they called him Tailo lor!

The second in-command villain is brilliant too. He had the hair goin and all: and his Chinese apek accent is excellent! Seriously I felt like pinching that guy’s face just to congratulate him on a job well done. If I were the producer I wouldn’t exactly line up Shamsul’s name first; he didn’t shine that much in my eyes and had pretty mundane scenes; drift yang aku bet bukan dia yang drift, berdiri atas podium macam bagus, adegan googly eyes with Scha yang agak excessive dan tak perlu.

Personally watak Remy Ishak & sapa sorang lagi inspektor tu pun mcm redundant. Boleh je amik sapa-sapa rent-a-cop rather than splurging on an A-list actor like him. And dudeeee, kaya sungguh inspektor kat Msia siap buleh pakai Skyline (aku rasa). I don’t think it is standard issue. Side income much? Mungkin second. Ah, abaikan.

Scha or Aleya is comel as always. She managed to add up the spice to the whole movie, and it helps that she’s cute as hell. A very big improvement from Fasha yang nak berlagak macho tapi fail weh. I had nothing against her, except for the script writer, cause I don’t think all street racers push their religion behind, and why didn’t you make her mengucap before she passed on? Come on lah. I reckon with that one small inclusion, you’d make a better impression on the general audience.

But the adegan pukul awek tu is so not cool, man. Sungguh tak gentle samseng Msia nih. Kesian ngan Scha siap kena flying kick skali. Walau bagaimanapun teruk kena tibai, she was still lovely, NO swelling/bruises at all visible antemortem, only superficial abrasion on the chin.

So yeah, 7 out of 10. I’m generous, and the team does deserve it, cause the orang jahat is super cool I want to be one of their hoochies. Kidding.

Sok malam punya plan: Future X-Cop. Dengan Nasi Kandar sama lauk telur sotong goreng kari. Mesti!


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