Not the time yet

I think I almost did something crazy on my last call.

18 year-old, primid, single parent. Active labor. She was super cun. I saw her once in ANC. The deal was she was housed in a ladies’ shelter (Darul Sakinah) here in Penang after getting pregnant out of wedlock.

At that time I remember thinking, well, this chick is smokin hot, I’d want to bang her too if I were a guy. Morbid thoughts, I know. Masya Allah.

So there she was, having contraction pain regularly, with the staff nurses gossiping about the nature of her pregnancy. They were poking my side, saying, “Dokter, pegi la cuba-cuba interview macam mana boleh terlajak.” Right. Like I don’t have anything better to do la kan. Besides, hello, it’s not exactly like perahu, you know?

I remember her striking beauty. Even the staff nurses admired her kulit polos, mata bulat-ness.

The baby was beautiful.

I have this weird tendency to cuddle the babies once they are freshly showered. I think working in labor room does that to people. So the labor room was pretty uneventful that Saturday morning. I cuddled the pretty baby. And I was gushing about her to the mother, who was smiling tiredly, and I blurted out. From out of nowhere.

“Adik nak jaga dia? Minta maaf kalau menyinggung perasaan adik, tapi kalau adik tak nak jaga, saya nak.”

I know, right?

But she politely declined.

I think it’s a sign that it’s not my time yet. πŸ™‚


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