Blame It On the Weather

I hear you people. So I’m writing.

1. If I could throw something at mother nature, I would. It is disgustingly too hot here in Malaysia while it won’t stop snowing in the US and Europe. I’m too dehydrated that I’m getting frequency. Let me tell you dashing to the toilet every 5 minutes is not fun.

2. I’m pimping out Valentine’s Day The Movie because of two words: Bradley Cooper. Too bad he was gay in the movie.

3. …. It’s only number 3 and I’m already out of things to say.

4. I got myself a brand new specs. But there’s no way I’m using it out of the confines of my apartment though. I have really low self esteem 🙂

5. I’m looking at properties. Plenty of pretty houses in Penang but I’m not too sure… There’s this land slot near Bukit Manik back at kampung with unbelievable scenery and probably I’m going to stake a claim there soon. I have no other obligations at the moment so going to make the most of it.

6. I would kill for some udang galah masak lemak at this moment.

7. I miss cooking. The only thing I cook nowadays is water and maggie mee.

8. Dubai was exhilarating. Ana was such a fantastic host. Hopefully one day I could make it back, probably as a working visa holder. Photos in facebook.

9. In two weeks I’m off to Taman Negara pulak.

10. I attended an engagement party yesterday and got the famous “Awat boyfriend tak mai?” Honestly? Here are the series of emotions that unfolded: confused, annoyed, tired, wtf. Hahha. Enjoy that. So yes it was plenty awkward sitting there alone without any significant other by my side but come on, people, leave the poor girl alone to wolf down her food!

11. Since I love free food, those tiny little setbacks won’t hinder me from attending the next one. I’m a little ray of sunshine, aren’t I?

12. A friend pointed out that I seem like I’m eating for two with the rate I’m going. “Two McD’s breakfast sets AND Sushi King after??” Oh come on, those teeny tiny Egg Mcmuffins is not enough to abate my hunger in the morning. Of course I had to throw some hotcakes in too! But she was quick to point out before I got really really upset that “But you’ve never gained a pound!” Wise girl. Hahha.

13. Dude, I’m noticing a trend. Rant about self-esteem first, before delving into boys and ending it with a flourish about my weight. I am such a girl.

14. I hate my job, but I can’t imagine doing something else.


2 thoughts on “Blame It On the Weather

  1. amal says:

    i just got back and i’m complaining that Msia is hot too! i didn’t complain that much when i was in dubai.. ok, maybe not yet! :p

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