An End Has A Start

Being a quarter century old certainly has its perks. And downsides. Dammit the downsides.

It was nothing glitzy. I’m getting a year older, a year closer to the grave. Kak Rika called saying she missed my cheesecake. Kak Rika, I have news for you, I miss my cheese cake too. Hahha.

Nothing much worth celebrating except for the fact I’m done with surgical posting. Yes, you read that right. I don’t know what convinced my supervisors to pass me but dude, I passed. Yesterday was my official day off, went to scope room to scour for my surgeon in-charge, ended up helping him out in a couple of colonos, one of which was a case of sigmoid volvulus (here’s the part you non-medic angels can start tuning me out cause I’m gonna start medic-whining stat). He was performing a decompressing colono, forgot to put on his body suit and holy shit it wasn’t a pretty sight. I guess he was too pissed off afterward to sign my log book or to even attempt entertaining my antics, he left for OT.

So I had to obtain my sign from another surgeon. All’s well ends well. Oh well.

Went to replace my IC (oh yes forgot to mention that one too. I was pickpocketed query location/time cause I’m that absentminded it’s sad) and was duped by Malaysian government RM 110 of my hard-earned money. Wey, that’s equivalent of one weekend call. That’s 24 freaking hours of slavery, man. And it was taken just like that. The kakak kaunter was nice enough to suggest I make an appeal at Komtar, which is at the other side of the town, and would get it discounted to RM50. By the time I get back & forth from Komtar to Anson Road, the taxi is going to cost as much as the discounted price, so no thank you.

I was loitering around in Prangin Mall, trying to find a good deal for a new hp as a birthday present for myself. 990. 2250. 1200. Last-last I settled for Clinique Happy Heart set which only cost ard 200. I am so cheapskate it’s not funny. I tried to justify it with my old Happy Heart was finishing too. Ha.

I’ll get that damn phone next year lah. So you haters can just shut it with the ugly phone comment. Kesian Sony Ericsson ku berkecik hati.

There’s a trip planned to Mabul. I want to go. I need to go. But time tu would be tagging kat God-knows what department. Oh, life.

Bang Meir’s cepu-emas bday wish: “Selamat Hari Lahir. Dah 25 tahun. Bila nak ada boipren?”

Hahha. Imagine if I told him I’m considering batting for the other team. Hmm. “But Bang Meir guys don’t see me as girlfren material what can I do? At least SOME girls are interested in me.” He’d have my head, fo sho.

I’m jetting off to Queensbay to do some more loitering around. Probably a stopover at J.Co & Chicken Rice Shop with a tapau B&J bucket :D.

Babai, beautiful people. I miss you 🙂

Remember all the things we wanted
Now all our memories, they’re haunted
We were always meant to say goodbye… ~ Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson


5 thoughts on “An End Has A Start

  1. Finally,an update!!!!woohooo….
    Ko plan nak pi Mabul, ade time ke ni, nanti last minute tak leh pegi tiket burn camtu je..hahahah..
    If one girl interested kat ko,boleh terime lagi.Ni SOME,huuuwaaaa,can’t imagine…

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