After faxing my surat penerimaan jawatan a few days I think I finally get it. Adulthood. It’s all about moving on.

I’m packing again, this time for induction. Hopefully once it’s over it’s to go back home, not to some town in another state where my first real job would be.

Semalam I moonwalked on the stage while receiving my pseudo-diploma. Good times. The whole auditorium gasped, mind you. But I couldn’t find it in me to cry or even blush, cause Adik was at the end of the stage, waiting to take my photo while laughing his head off at my antics. InΒ  the end I just flashed a really bright smile, swallowed to urge to hold up a peace sign while shaking hands with my rector. My whole classmates couldn’t believe I’d pull something as embarrassing but dude, I lived, and I made you guys laugh. Hahha.

But I really pity the girl whose mortarboard flopped down. Damn. I’d take moonwalking anyday.

Goodbye for now. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow. Or next week.


7 thoughts on “Jobhood

  1. eii sis,
    Happy Graduation!!!
    there will be light on your path sis,
    live happily and be loved…

    happy to hear you are finishing already..
    can’t wait to finish mine.. huhu…

  2. Too bad aku tak sempat tgk ko moonwalk..aaauuuuwwwwww…weh nanti pi penang dah ade tourist guide,pastikan ko hafal port nasik kandaq and cendol terbaik di penang..

  3. dd says:

    congratulations, habis sekolah nak kerja, dari paris ke penang and onwards, good luck laily salam ramadhan and have good life.

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