Break #1

I’m so tak puas hati cause Joo Ann has only one big luggage and I seem to have like half a dozens. Where did all these crap come from?

Digging out the cabinets from 3 years back, I found my old form 1 diary. Yup, you heard that right. FORM ONE. I couldn’t leave it at home for fear Bang Meir would read it. I know he always stalked around my room for anything potentially embarrassing and for future blackmails. Hahha. Anyhow, yes, it’s with me, all three volumes of my short life. Dude, if you think I crap a lot now, you should have seen me in form one.

Benda-benda written in there some of them were completely forgotten, others were etched vividly in my memory. Some kelakar stuff, like favourite song: Did It Again by Kylie Minogue, lepas tu old crush, Vincent Larusso. Apuuu aku langsung tak ingat dah dia tu sapa. Hahha.

I even had a column called ‘Achievements in Life’ written under specific dates. Merepek betul. Antara highlights tak boleh blah:


  • Beat Shermaine for first midterm paper. Can you believe it?
  • Won Essay Writing Competition. I don’t blame you if you don’t believe it.
  • went head on against my Taekwondo second-dan blackbelt senior.
  • met that mysterious library guy (WAHHAHHAHA)
  • got blue belt

Lepas tu ada pulak intro entry, “Cis, aku tension! Rasa nak minum air milo!” WAHHAHHAHHA.

Cause I’m in the mood to ridicule myself and provide some entertainment, here are some excerpts of my diary circa library guy.

We went to KFC for lunch. I went out early to buy some corn for us. On the way, I met him, and simply and plainly, I fell in LOVE. I met his eyes, and quickly dropped my gaze. And looked back up, he was smiling. It was decided then, he is the most devastatingly handsome guy I’ve ever met.

It was pretty embarrassing though, we were wearing the same kind of shirt. I guess he likes white so much as he is always wearing a white t-shirt. Man, he’s so cute!

Guess what I will do? If he’s in form 4, he’s not going to take SPM until next year, right? And next year is my PMR year. Guess going to the library every week won’t hurt much, huh?

Holy crow I can’t believe I wrote that! I seldom swooned over guys over the period of my teenagehood so that was pretty epic. Going back to my nerdy self, here’s another excerpt:

I’m still dazed after getting 16 mistakes in my Geo. Geez, what happened to me? Too much TV? I’m seriously sad. I can’t believe I cried. I’m disappointed at myself.

Feel free to scream ‘poyossss’ here 😀

Oh well. It’s fun to reminisce. I miss Naomi, Tini, Tan, Maine, Elen, Ivy. I even miss Jas, Betty and Andra. One thing for sure, I had a blast in high school, but the things you saw in Mean Girls? Yeah, it happened too. SMSK changed me. But St. Mary’s molded me. Hmm. But I outgrew high school. Pretty quickly too. Hahha.

Need to get back to packing. Later!

You know it’s all in your head
You’d better put that business to bed
What you see nobody sees
It only brings you to your knees ~ Did It Again, Kylie Minogue


13 thoughts on “Break #1

  1. NoRE says:

    if only this comment space allows voice comment,i’d like u to hear how loud my laughing is right now!
    babe,respect la u even bring it across the ocean with u.
    my lower form diary; i burnt it.for fear my mom found it.haha.

    (my laughing is translated into words here)

  2. fatihah says:

    i found my diary last year n i threw my diary away. heh.

    kah3…library civic centre ke?

    cewah..such an achievement to beat shermaine eh. haha..

    St.Mary’s moulded me..i like that. =))

  3. LaiLy says:

    hahha whyyyy. i’m sure it’d make an epic tale for your grandkids 😀

    ape kelas civic centre. dbku lahhh. hahhaha.

    of course an achievement. ingat senang ke? hahha.

    yes, i liked it too 🙂

    p/s: hope you enjoyed penang 🙂

  4. amal says:

    I threw away mine coz my sister read it and made fun of me. She’s really THAT mean…

    Btw, welcome home baybeh!

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