Picture This

Reading the gynae situational task seriously cracks me up. “Patient Z, 53, was taken to the gynae clinic. She complains of bloody discharge from the va-jay-jay.” And after 30+ bloody questions with pretty much the same construction, I lost it and said out loud, “Ye la kalu bloody discharge dari idong takkan nak bawak ke gynae clinic kot? Aku lempang jugak laa soklan ni karang.” That my friends are initial signs of psychosis: being mad at inanimate objects.

Talking about va-jay-jay I still couldn’t bring myself to watch Grey’s finale which has been sitting in my D for quite sometime now. I mean kalu Kak Rika tengok pun sedih, gamaknya aku mesti rasa nak reenact Kasim Selamat. So yeah, simpan dulu kot.

Last week Ayah called mentioning the arrival of the invitation letter. In the haste of sending it home via EMS the week before, I only managed to scrap a Silpo receipt and scrawled something on it (the standard ‘apa habaq’ bla bla ‘take care’ and ‘chow sin chi’) to be posted along. But I’d like to believe it was still decipherable, but my ayah claimed “makin hari tulisan Lily nampak macam tulisan Cina. Elok la, payah sikit orang nak tiru sign curi MC nanti.” Hahha.

Not sure if you’re going to read this, Eddie, but what the heck. Semalam pi Furshet ngan diorang, we were popquizzing ourselves on Nuts 101. Sampai kat kacang botak, Eid and I eloquently called out “Kacang Eddie”. Kesian Masy she was about the to kick our asses but eventually clasped her hands together in yoga post to calm herself down. Muahhahha.

Apa lagi aku nak merepek ni?

Cukup la kot sesi merepek hari ni. Nak pi Furshet (lagi) beli barang BBQ for tomorrow. Sempat lagi tu. Eh, 12 more days and I’d be done with school, at least for a long while. Puji Tuhan. Can you believe it? Finally? I feel so old dah, so it’s about damn time.

Here’s a treat for you. Listen and listen good.

Be the best person you can be
Pass those values to your family
And when you pray for those you love
Say a prayer for humanity ~ The Cure, India Arie


4 thoughts on “Picture This

  1. omg laily, tak tgk lagi finale grey’s????!!! i dh sepuluh kali ulang n still nangis2 okehhhh *sempat lg wlpon exam esok luse nih* but fav epi would be the wedding la *ok, koya sebentar* hihi…

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