Smug. So effin smug.

A seat in the Olympic Stadium to watch 2009 CL Final: €300

Original football jersey: €75

Handwoven team muffler: €15

Cristiano Ronaldo’s face after the 90th minute: PRICELESS.

There are certain things money can’t buy. MUAHHAHHAHA

Okay enough jabbering y’all. I’m outrageously disappointed by the nonsportmanship (??) portrayed by the football fans. Did you read about a Nigerian bus driver ramming into 4 Barca supporters? Or how about the 150 or so people who were arrested in Placa Catalunya after a celebration gone awry? Shashi and I had enough mind not to skip town and hop on the next plane to Rome right after our Peds paper two days back because we know, the feces was going to hit the fan, no matter which club won last night. Football fans are a bunch of crazies, and I am admittedly one of them (not enough to run my scalpel into anybody though, I swear).

Fergie is not a sore loser and I applaud him for that. He always has this genteel demeanor that lacks in Mourinho and even Wenger. But of course, man of the night was definitely Pep Guardiola. Young talent in sexy Armani, what a biological weapon. Hahha.

I was surprised with United’s performance last night. Definitely not one of their best. Rooney was always stuck in offside traps deliberately set up by Barca, while Ronaldo tried to monopolize the game the entire time (nothing new, really). Midfield was pure crap. The only functioning part of the team was the defense. Ferdinand was on top form, so was Vidic, but of course, bola itu kan bulat.

Barca went all out with the formation last night and I was very relieved that Puyol made it back. But Pique managed to shine on his own, saving many dangerous attempts by himself. Personally Xavi wasn’t all that great, sure he ran a total of 11km last night but yeah, if UEFA thinks he’s all that, so he’s all that.

One last random trivia before I hit the sack: was it just me or is Prince William’s hairline is taking a page out of Britney Spears’ book, circa 2007? Must be all the saving-the-world business getting to him. 

No song lyrics. Too tired to google anything. But give Balloons & Champagne by Ephemera a shot.


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