I want to remember them all.

I think pediatrics is my kryptonite. I never stumbled and shivered so much during a paper. Good thing I don’t have a slight interest at all in becoming peds. I don’t think sobbing while pricking a kid’s vein would make a pretty picture. I am such a wuss like that.

However everything sailed smoothly up from the beginning. He was there all the way, holding my hand as if there was never a moment in my life I had neglected Him.

We were told to arrive at the hospital pretty early. Scratch that, it was at the butt crack of dawn, man. Six am and I was already stumbling my way to the bus stop. Thankfully summer makes up for shorter nights, therefore it was already sunny. Waited for fifteen minutes for the mashrut (yep, the same mashrut which failed to show up last winter) when Joo Ann called asking whether I’ve gotten my ride. When fifteen minutes turned to half an hour, I trekked my way to the station about half a mile down when I ran into a bunch of pakciks drinking coffee.

“Sweetie, the bus will only go out at 7.”

My eyes bugged out. My exam starts at 7, pakcik! I wailed internally.

“I’m so sorry, but please, we’re having our finals today. Final year exam, you see. And it starts at 7. There are plenty of other kids waiting in Pavlenko too.” I begged. Put on my best doe-eyed face. Heh.

The pakciks looked at me sympathetically. “We’re sorry too but we can’t mess with our schedules.”

“I know that but I’m begging you, we have to show up by 7 in order to sit for our paper.”

One looked particularly ponderish before he decided, “Well, how many of them waiting in Pavlenko? I won’t drive out if there are less than 20.”

I gave a quick call to Joo Ann and to my dismay, she reported there were only 9 of them. I told the pakcik that and was ready to fork out 30grieves for a taxi ride when  he said, “Ladna, hop in.”

Oh, pakcik the lifesaver. How I love you so.

The bunch waiting in Pavlenko actually grew by the time we stopped by so in the end the pakcik had a full house. Needless to say the kids either shouted a thanks my way and clapped my back when they stepped in. It felt good being the hero of the day. Hahha.

After we arrived, we were quickly ushered to change into labcoats. I borrowed Kak Rika’s since I noticed at the last minute my labcoat was streaked blue from a Vanish job gone bad and the other one was in the laundry. Crap. I drew the card out from the stack and voila, my patient was a 5 month old baby. Goodness. Kryptonite was freaking blinking my way.

It took me ten minutes to finally locate the ward. The halls were convoluted and the ward was wrongly labeled. To my great relief, the mother was spectacular. Really, a dream patient. The boy was fast asleep (I envy him cause I had to cut short mine earlier). Mom told me everything from A to Z. How another older kid with cough came visiting two weeks back and the works. I was almost sad to turn the boy sideways for auscultation. He was otherwise healthy, good weight and fat pad and pink skin. When aroused, he was grumpy and wailed and to auscultate was impossible. I tried taking him from his mother and when he turned his innocent blue eyes my way, his face just lighted up. Aww, kid really made my day.

So friendly baby and I finally made amends. I managed to examine him while he tugged at my stethoscope and my tudung. Kryptonite was kicked out to the back of my head.

Shashi and a few others didn’t have is as easy as I did. Hers was WPW patient. Dude. I could barely remember the signs of BBB and they want us diagnosing WPW? Gotta have mad skills there.

The oral exam went pretty much smoothly til reanimation of an apneic baby. I swear the kryptonite was blinking smugly my way. In my haste to resuscitate the baby (a phantom, really. I couldn’t deal if I were to kill a real baby), I was fumbling around for the endotracheal tube. Thankfully it wasn’t really a deal breaker but I had a severe reprimand from my lecturer. Ouch.

In the end, everything turned out fine.

After our results were announced and we were itching to just get the hell out of there for some lunch, the dean asked us to share a few words with the rest of the professors in attendance. Hungry, happy and anxious to run out, we pushed Wei Chow to the front. He took everything in stride, looked down to his shoes for awhile, before breaking, “Dorogie prepadavateli (Dear lecturers).”

The whole room shook with thunderous claps I tell you. Especially coming from the lecturers. They were just plain excited. In an international faculty where our Russian knowledge is seriously lacking compared to those learning in Russian medium, Wei Chow’s effort was considered ballsy. But of course, he slipped in his usual merepekness in, such as “we will uphold the university’s name in our home country” bla bla bla, at which point we were torn to either snicker or cheer him on. He had cheesy and merepek down pat real good in his speech. We knew we had selected the right person.

The rest of the day passed by in a delirious blur. I remember gutting through a cheese paratha in Taj greedily while staring at Pav’s chicken curry complex enviously. I remember laughing at Pugu’ s antics while he bragged about his manhood for the 738484th time. I remember flirting with Divan’s waitress and had to steel my desire to order the sinful pakhlava when I just had atherosclerotic paratha one hour back. But the waitress just flashed me this really sweet smile I just had to succumb to her power of persuasion. Hahha. Kak Rika said and I quoted, “Divan really knows how to sell food, eh?”

I remember getting home slightly drunk from the mutton I accidentally ordered. But in the end I didn’t mind the migraine much. After saying my thanks to Him, I turned in with the pray that the next one will be easily as awesome.

Pray for me.

So don’t go worrying about me
It’s not like I think about you constantly
So maybe I do, but that shouldn’t affect
your life anymore
I knew it the moment you walked into the door
~ All Hail The Heartbreaker, The Spill Canvas


4 thoughts on “Remember

  1. NoRE says:

    wahhhh..ur exam sounds fun to me. I mean all the hands on experience.All the best for your remaining papers! InshaAllah,all will be good.=)

    ohh. and athero..tic(dunno how to spell) paratha..hahahaha..sounds like a medicated paratha.hahaha.and i am currently have a serious addiction to puree (makan panas2 cicah kari ikan..).nikmat dunia beb.hahah

    • fun? ehhehhe not so much if all you were thinking about was not to pee in your pants 😛 and thank you, amin!

      ohhhh puree sangat macho bila dicecah kari kambeng sama chutney kelapa. selamat mencuba! hahha

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