Malaysia has recorded its first H1N1 influenza case so be extra careful with your health, people. Like I told my mak and ayah, run if somebody as much as sneezes your way. Kesian budak kat Sungai Buloh tu. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

KLIA has installed thermal sensor at every exit/entrance to detect any spike in body temperature of every passing human being. Wah. I’m in awe kejap dengan kecanggihan negara ku ini.

Tadi pi mock lineup exam. Baru rasa cuak. Kalu tak lengloi lagi. Baru bukak buku 10 minit, nak tido balik. Masya Allah banyak btoi setan dok bersidai kat eyelids aku nih. Pegi kacau manusia lain buleh dak??

It’s been three days kot tak jumpa the monyets and I have already missed them. Baru dua hari tak kluar rumah and dollar dropped .5. Damn. Manyak rugi wooooo.

FHM (ke GQ ke Maxim ke AskMen.com) issued its annual Top 100 hottest women and Eliza Dushku was among the top 10. Don’t ask what I was doing reading mens magazine in the first place. I think it’s more intriguing than Cleo or Marie Claire, at best. Digressing. Katanya Eliza Dushku’s latest series is responsible for upstaging her hotness. Dollhouse is pretty much your average merepek science fiction series but the producers did something right by picking Dushku. She is the epitome of PHAT (pardon the 90s colloquailism). It tells the story of a corporation which produces ‘dolls’, a set of human beings with catered personalities and memories to serve its clientele. After every mission each doll’s memories is swiped clean and replaced with a new one. The plot centers around Echo (Dushku), a doll in the midst of becoming self-aware.

To conclude; tak rugi pun tengok pasal I guarantee her hotness.

Tahun ni aku raya Msia. Mari la kita beraya bersama-sama.

Ты узнаешь ее из тысячи.
Ее образ на сердце высечен.
Ты узнаешь ее из тысячи
По словам, по глазам, по голосу,
Ее образ на сердце высечен
Ароматами гладиолуса
~ Ti Uznaesh Yeyo (You Will Know Her), Korni.


2 thoughts on “ZzzzZZzZZ

  1. Eliza Dushku..lame gile tak dengo name ni..will always remember the role she played in The New Guy..lawak gile seyy cite tuu…

    Duit raye aku jgn lupe ek..long time overdue already

    • hahha tak penah pulak aku tgk cite tu. yg 1st aku perasan eliza dushku ni dlm bring it on kot? she was kickass and hot there. hahha

      cheitttt. hahha bolom keje lagi raya ni. carry forward next raya je takleh?

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