Quick Notes

1. I was trying to get my hands on the July ticket back to Msia and to my horror, all seats are sold out. Dudeee, don’t that just give you the idea of how much of a newly-mapped Malaysian town Simferopol is? AirAsia should really do a venture out here.

2. My Surgery teacher looks, sounds, talks like Jose Mourinho.

While taking patient’s history…
Cekgu: Go ahead. I’ll leave you guys here.
Kitorang: *took a look at the teenage boy who looked like that bed is the last place he wanted to be in right then.*.
Aaron: Uh, okay.
Cekgu: Go on.
Aaron: Uh, okay.
Cekgu: What?? You’ve done this millions of times before. How do you start?
Kitorang: *bukan takmo start, tapi malasssss. Russian teens are kampit sehhh*
Cekgu: Aaron, how do you do it when you meet girls? Straight away go and palpate them without asking their names? That’d not go down too well.
Kitorang: Muahhahhahha.
Aaron: Uhhhh.
Patient: *looked pissed and maybe amused*.

3. Ceasefire! Finally! But the rebuilding of Gaza cities is going to cost a lot of money and effort. While we’re at the topic, I came across the beautiful Asma al-Assad (bini Prez Syria) making a statement which was heartfelt but at the same time got me thinking, is this an act? Knowledge and information have made me a cynical being, and I don’t like it. I find it very hard to grant trust to anybody lately. I used to be this idealistic girl. I wonder what happened.

4. Fendy tepon. I was puzzled and touched at the same time. Puzzled cause he never called except for raya. Touched cause he never called except for raya. Hahha. According to him, he wanted to send Airil’s photos. Oh abang ku about three weeks too late cause Kerol dah hantarkan. He sounded disappointed, so I quickly reassured him there’s no harm done sending more.

I think he was just missing me. Hehhe. 🙂

5. Hari tu birthday Masyitah makan nasik ayam. Hari ni birthday Kak Rika makan soto ayam. Kan best kalau hari-hari birthday depa.

6. Dua tiga menjak ni kitorang suka menjadi artis rakaman. Set up Id’s vidcam on a tripod and melalak to songs on YouTube. The stunts we do, let’s just say it won’t be leaked to YouTube, ever. Our recommendation: Paling Comel Achik & Nana. Please don’t choke on your own snort while karaoke-ing to this song. So sapa cakap aku jarang online kat YM tu mintak ampun. We only have 5 months and we’re making the most of it.

7. Kalau anda berasa bosan sila la tonton Pencarian Gadis Melayu kat TV9 online. Ingat lagi ayah ckp dulu waktu tgk iklan kat TV, “La ih sampai kena buat Realiti TV ka nak cari gadis melayu ni?” Masyitah dah “Kalu aku nampak kawan aku pegi audition aku balik lempang diorang”. Hahha ganassss. I mean, it’s not really that absurd an idea. Okay, fine, I laughed til my side hurt but who cares laa kan? At least these girls got to be on TV. Hahha. Among the remarks that surfaced last night:

“Woi tu doa lepas azan laa sengal!”
“Blah laaa rambut kejong bulu jagung, konon gadis melayu!”
“Weh weh contact lense biru. Mana ada awek Melayu mata biru!”
“Blablablablablaaa. Cun aaa weh tapi slang Kelate tu kuat. Can take the girl out of Kelate, but can never take Kelate out of the girl.” (No offense to Kelatenese. Personally I think the twang can be cute on a girl but to bring it to national TV, not so sure. The same goes to utagho slang. Good thing I’m not going to be on TV anytime soon :P).
“Eh yang tu comel. Tapi awat yang pemalu sangat? Tapi nak pi audition? Tapi?”

Id cakap “Laily tak buleh masuk dia BM pun fail.” Eh gua boleh anyam ketupat palas lu jangan main-main. Hahha. Id jawab balik “Juri dengar lu bukak mulut je trus kena reject laa bai.” Wahhahha she has got a point.

Aku doakan bahagia ini kekal.

Sungguh nasibmu si bunga tanjung
Bagai cahaya ditutup mendung
Tiadalah tangan menyunting kamu
Menunggu gugur di angin lalu
Malang dudukmu di dahan tinggi
Kini bertabur di atas bumi ~ Bunga Tanjung, Datuk Sharifah Aini.


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