While the mothers and children gently weep…

I feel bad to write about the endless potlucks the four of us had when the families in Gaza barely have anything to get them by everyday. For the past two weeks Israelis have been attacking via air and further wrecked havoc when they start invading the grounds of Gaza since day 5. The Muslim community has been egging the Arab world to do something, but so far it’s like most of the leaders are either ball-less or secretly fancying Ehud Olmert. I don’t know which one is worse.

From the ongoing war I picked up a thing or two, just as food for thoughts. Like ‘know thy enemy’ that kinda thing? I know most of Muslim extremists would smack me upside the head when I say we should pick up a thing or two from the Israelis. IDF (that’s Israel Defense Forces for you) is arguably one of the best military systems in the world. One thing for sure, Ehud Barak is not stupid enough to call for a press conference every time his government bags a new destructive toy for the country. Cough cough.

Another thing I learned is that the country’s national military service is mandatory for every man and woman above 18. I guess that is one of the main reasons why Israelis and Jews in general are very patriotic. The other day while watching BBC a corresponding officer was interviewed. He had given his lateral profile, maybe to avoid any target killing later. Being nosey with too much time in hand, I googled him up, and he was in some sort of L*egacy Heri*tage Fell*owship Pro*gram. That is a program specially designed for ‘cultivating young leaders in North America, Europe & Israel committed to public service and peace in the middle east’. In another word I guess this is the ‘halal’ way to produce highly educated militants. Je*maah Islam*iah should pick up a thing or two from these people. For one, have a cheery website.

Hamas and Fatah’s conflict is also another important angle that needs to be studied. Why are two of the biggest organizations that are supposed to be protecting the holy land of Palestine on each other’s throat? And they go to certain extremes to upset the other. Hamas and Fatah are supposed to be brothers in arm, not dividing the land into two: Hamas for Gaza, Fatah for West Bank. That’s seriously disturbing. Oh,  my bad. Just like UMNO and Pas in my own homeland. Same shit different continent.

The result: lives of innocent people are at stake.

Oh, plenty of rants! This is the product of feeling too helpless after seeing the videos on BBC. All we could do is pray, hope and pray some more. Keep the Qunut Nazilah coming, people.

P/S: Wayyyy of topic but I thought I should mention that C. Ronaldo was involved in a head-on collision while driving his Ferrari. He came out unscathed. Hell must have not wanted him. Hihi.

P.P.S: Happy 25th, Eddie Chin Peng! Bila mau blanja sama aku??


3 thoughts on “While the mothers and children gently weep…

  1. you sure know in depth ape yg ko nak tulis everytime..yeah,totally agree with you, the conflict between Fatah and Hamas is very disturbing.Plus not to forget, the Arab countries, busy building the tallest,biggest,most expensive bangunan, without even thinking pouring their billions into Palestin..

    hahah..since when name aku jadi chin peng plak nehhh..anyway, thanks for the wishes!!!hmm,persoalannye sekarang,bukan bile nak belanje ko, bile ko nak bagi hadiah aku neh???

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