10 years ago… My favorite song was Bailamos and my favorite TV series was RAW is WAR. I took to wearing simple t-shirts and jeans with my pua kumbu sling bag everywhere I went. Kak Tiha always gave me an earful whenever she saw me wearing short-sleeved T-shirt, took plenty of time for it to get through to my head 😀

Now, my fave song for the moment is Desperately Michelle Branch, my fave series are CSI and Bones, and while my fashion sense has not improved drastically, the word that comes to mind is ‘bolehlaaa’.

Somehow, being of age for me is to appreciate what God has showered me with: good reliable friends. I swear if I were stranded alone in a foreign country, I wouldn’t bother with any birthday celebration. But these people hold me up together, made me feel extra special on that particular time of the year and there no are words, but that I am blessed.

Kalu korang doakan aku je pun takpe… But nevertheless, thank you for the cake(s) and gifts.

Thank you for the e-cards and e-mails, shoutouts on FB wall. I am sorry for taking too long to post any reply. Last week I turned 24 and also was bombarded with tests and heavy classes. I really wish I could somehow grant cuti umum on my birthday for you people as a sign of my gratitude, but of course let’s wait for my other life where I kawin anak raja, ok?

Here are some snippets taken during the Christmas potluck yang tetiba merged jadi my surprised birthday party.

604. Balik Msia mesti mau vidconference once a month, ok?

604. Balik Msia mesti mau vidconference once a month, ok?

Bak kata Ana, "Coolest bday cake ever lah, Lek!"

Bak kata Ana, "Coolest bday cake ever lah, Lek!"

A few words regarding the cake. It’s a pandan sponge jelly cake. Well, I hope I put everything in order. Super moist sponge cake bathed in pandan jelly. I still can’t figure out how the cake maintained its jelly-resistant throughout the whole potluck. That is what I call Amoi’s superb talent: jelly defying law of physics.
Undercover or Underwear?

Undercover or Underwear?

Introducing my charge, Pugunan, the proud owner of NFS Undercover. Not underwear ye, kawan-kawan. He said it’s been keeping him occupied, even awek dia sudah tensi sama aku for giving him extra alasan to bertapa depan komputer. Lalala. Hahha.
Menerima watikah dari ayahanda.

Menerima watikah dari ayahanda.

Nak jadi cerita timing ayah baik punya, the birthday card he sent sampai elok-elok on the Friday before potluck. So Aaron took the liberty to snatch it, wrap it up so that it appeared that it was like a card from him. Everybody was mortified, a birthday card, coming from a guy who bought face towel for his charge for two consecutive years? Aku pun terkedu, okay. Tengok-tengok a card from home. Given under any weird (or kinky?) circumstances that I was blindfolded, I could still tell that the card was from ayah, not from the Braille, but he is the only guy I know who uses Gam Gajah to stick card envelopes together. Maybe dia ingat anak dia ada power Xena.

Ucapan Kerol: Kehadapan kakakku yg sengal. Sila balik cepat sikit supaya kita boleh bukak klinik utk jual MC dan pil.

Ada lagi superb cake (or cupcakes), specially designed by Cik Solhaa and Yanti. Nak letak gambar, ada dalam kamera Id. Tu kamera profesional so lambat sket baru buleh upload. Hahha. Theme bola lagi, ok? Don’t play play. Cik Sol ckp kalu boleh nak design logo Chelsea. I’m kinda glad they didn’t, cause nanti macam betray Mourinho yang kat Inter pulak. I was puzzled to see the jerseys on the cupcakes at first.

Laily: Apsal no. 16 dan 12? Sape pakai jersey tu? (I’d like to think that my housemates have better taste than John Obi and Sinclair. Hahha.)
Masy: Ape ko merepek ni labu??
L: Ye la, nombor 16 ngan 12 sapa pakai?
Id: Woi, tarikh birthday hang la!

Damn, gila blur aku. Hahha.
Oh, and the kids got me a self-pamper kit of bath wash, bath pearls, bath salts. Apekah maksud itu??

Hari ni Hari Jadi Id, Ulangtahun Mak Ayah, Hari Jadi Che Det. All my good thoughts and prayers for them 🙂

I cannot ignore it,
I keep giving in,
But I should know better
‘Cause there was something ’bout the way you looked at me
And it’s strange that things change
But not me wanting you
So desperately ~ Desperately, Michelle Branch

2 thoughts on “24.

  1. fatihah says:

    eh. apsal akak takde recollection of ‘reprimanding’ u tentang itu..kui3

    anyways, cool bday cake indeed..kem slm kat chef yek. n i so laik ucapan kerol..mmg otak bisnes runs in da family eh..hehe

    apiq rajin menyapu noo..kalah adam *malu* hehe

  2. hahha, you did, both you and kak sab. tp kak sab dia tambah effect mata terbeliak dia tu lagi best. 😀

    yeap but too bad takde jeli kaler biru. that’d be awesone. and otak diorg je mcm tu, me still normal 😀

    wahhahha tu laaa. i missssss them laa. soh fendy hantaq video pun tak hantaq2 lagi. i wonder mcm mana suara apiq bersembang. haih…

    happy new year sis 🙂

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