Too Young To Keep Good Love

Ya Ampun. Sudah ku warning jangan digoogle frenulum tu, degillll. Karang mata ketumbit sendiri mau tanggung aa.

Random snippets: I just found out the top keyword search to my blog is ‘proctologist’ and ‘arse’. Maybe lepas ni boleh jadi ‘frenulum’ pulak. Ish Ish.

Remember when I said I could never be a pediatrician? I retract that back officially. I could so see myself being one. Why, you ask?

1. Pediatricians must be the most carefree, stress-free doctors around. Well, apart from dermatologists, of course. Researches have proven that being in the company of children with the right attitude usually decreases a certain amount of stress in an adult.

It’s not complete bollocks, trust me. Contrary to popular beliefs, kids are neither noisy nor dirty. Well, not all the time, I compromise that with you. I met the most brilliant kid around, I think he’s my great love for the whole week. His name is Sasha (short for Alexander, and do not ask me how it becomes Sasha, I haven’t gotten around figuring that out even afterย 6 years). The conversation basically went like this.

Dr. L: Hey youuu. What’s your name?
S: Sasha! (in a very high-spirited, jolly manner, toothy smiles)
Dr. L: (A little taken aback with the spirit since most of the other patients were either too shy or too emo. Hahha). Hi Sasha! How old are you?
S: (Thinking for awhile. So I thought I’d help a bit. I held out four fingers) Yes, 4!
Dr. L: Wow, you’re almost a grown up then. So, what happened to you to make you stay here (in the hospital)?
S: (Shoving a hand into my vision) They poked me here, (and rolled up his sleeves to show his elbow) and here. They took my blood.
Dr. L: Oh, was it painful?
S: (Shaking his head) Nope.
Dr. L: Did you cry?
S: (Vehemently) No!
Dr. L: Wow, you’re a brave boy!

At this point, his mother was done clearing her mess and turned her attention to me. She was a nice middle-age lady, very friendly, so I guess the apple didn’t really fall far from the tree. According to his mother, Sasha is hospitalised due to Acute Glomerulonephritis (kidney infection), while at the same time suffering from Biliary Dyskinesia, Dolichosigma and Atrial Septal Defect (layman term: jantung berlubang).

It was almost unfair, this vivacious, bright, friendly kid, being burdened with all these?

Pavala, who was with me, was stumped by the information. She could not speak for awhile. Even had tears in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Sasha was beckoned away for an Ultrasound. So while helping him get ready (pulling his pants and hoodie on while chanting faster! faster!), I couldn’t help feeling remorseful. I, living with perfect health, take life for granted everyday. And Sasha is exactly what I need, a reminder, that life is too good to feel bad.

2. Curing a child comes with the expectation that the child will grow up to be someone useful one day. You can’t say the same thing about treating an adult. Of course, both are rewarding experiences, but with a child, you send him off with a hope that he/she will be someone good. With an adult, you just pray you won’t be seeing him/her under the same circumstances again, and that’s that.

3. I find that most pediatricians I know genuinely care for their patients. I’m not saying that other doctors don’t, but most of the time pediatricians stress more on their patients’ wellbeing than other specialists. They can be the garang-est head of department, but when you see them with a child, they instantly switch from Voldemort to Albus Dumbledore in a matter of seconds. I used to be wary of pediatric department due to said HOD, but now I realise, the austerity is imperative because you can’t afford any silly mistake in treating a child.

Okay, geeky moments ending soon, I promise.

Watched GG? Chuck has got to be the most handsome, dashing angsty person I know. Funny it takes a bed hair and a loose tie to open my eyes to him. Hahha. Lilly and Rufus? No comment.

Yeah, how long must you wait for it?
Yeah, how long must you pay for it?
Yeah, how long must you wait for it? ~ In My Place, Colplay.


9 thoughts on “Too Young To Keep Good Love

  1. if googling frenulum can give u ketumbit kat mata then i am so gonna be blinded la by the end of this week! am currently doing derm n got sick of being shoved the pic of encik P with all sorts of unappetizing lesions *muntah ijau*

    i think in order to be a pediatrician, u have to be very tough inside…sng kesian tau tgk diaorg sakit n u not supposedly become to emotionally involved with patient but the wonders of seeing the world thru those innocent eyes can be refreshing sumtimes ๐Ÿ™‚

    i’m still sticking not doing peads as specialist…mls nk lyn mak bapak! haha

  2. rbs says:

    if i ever considered doing medicine (which i never did… not noble enough lah kot) i would’ve ended up being a pediatrician i think. just because i absolutely love kids. i wanted to be a teacher for the longest time because of that too…

  3. fatihah says:

    in my defence: i used (*) so tidak mungkin menambah kebarangkalian org ke mari by googling ‘specific’ body

    hm. maternal instinct kicking? well,it doesnt have to be all abt motherhood- u know what i do- and a job dealing with children r just as what u’ve described. rewarding in many ways one can ever imagined.

    oh sila bc books by Stephenie Meyer. beautifully written some of the lines. it’s been long since a book make me choke in tears. im hopeless. i know. hahaa… specifically the 2nd one New Moon(selepas Twilight)

  4. NoRE says:

    babe. *tune suara jap* ehem..ehem..

    Allah selamatkan kamuuuuu…
    Allah selamatkan kamuuuuu…
    Allah selamatkan Nur Laily Abu Bakar..
    Allah selamatkan kamuuuuu…

    *sekian2*.Hahahahaha.Selamat hepi besday.Semoga panjang umur.murah rezeki selalu.=)

  5. naz says:

    Oooh bday andakah? Happy bday babe! Orang dah nak suku abad, dia baru 24… *sigh* Well you’ve got another year.. I have a month and a few days before the big 25! Aaackkk!

    Also, I didn’t google frenulum, was too afraid of what might greet me.

    Chuck chuck… what is it with bad guys that turn women on eh? =p He plays his character very well kan?

    Tiba2 teringat “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Hahah. Random nak mati!

  6. ctdalilah: wahhahha, been there done that 4th year! yang syphilis chancre tu wins the cake lah. i feel for you, dear. and yes, parents can be annoying but i think i’d be the same if my kids are sick too.

    yunayuni: itu ler pasal. dah laa dia ni pelat pelat sket. adoiiii giler laa emosi plak aku.

    rbs: wowieee your species ni mcm dah nak extinct. jarang btol dengo women nowadays yang adore kids. i takleh jadik cikgu nanti tangan cepat sangat nak tarik telinga bebudak. hahha.

    kakakku: in your defense konon. poorahhh. hahha. maternal instinct kicking in? hahha, maybe. i just miss the monyets back home. mak ckp apiq dah rajin menyapu. senang kerja i balik ni. ๐Ÿ˜€ and i believe we went into great details regarding twilight in that chat so yeah ๐Ÿ˜€ and thank you for the bday wish!

    eddie: that is very insightful. oh yes, kepala ko menjadi topik diskusi dalam rumah ni sudah dua hari sudah… muehhehe.

    nore: babe, huggling you! dah lama tak apdet ttg you ni. kena gosip cepat2 ni! take care, dear. tahun dpn kita celebrate skali k? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    naz: whoa lady, been missing you for months. ke mana kamu? busy ya? thank you for the wish ๐Ÿ˜€ and good for you, jgn jadi mcm bebdk lain yg tak dengar kata. also, chuck, borrowing nore’s words, adalah sungguh lazat, kan? hahhaha.

    and apa tu? gila random. hahha.

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