You know, all the years of being a student, I have no qualms for any extra knowledge. At the risk of sounding dorky, I love learning especially about world history, cuisine and random facts. But, the past two weeks I was tested to the best of my mental ability regarding a subject called ‘Hygiene’, which is basically a pre-requisite for all medical students in my uni. Tak payah la nak elaborate the whole syllabus but safe to say I know the exact amount of chlorine we have in our tap water, dimensional criteria for tables in schools, how to measure the level of sulphur dioxide in the atmospheric air, among other things. I feel so much educated now. So much.

Random snippet: Ronaldo’s red card really made my day. No, cancel that, it made my year! What’s with only a month left of it, seriously, I gotta hand you it to you, when I thought you could not get any dumber, you proved me wrong by handling the ball!

Since we had the day off today, Joo Ann and I went to town to shop for the guardian angel gifts. I got a guy as my charge and it’s frustrating to come up with an idea of what to get him. It’d be so much easier to shop for girls, I know for a fact my female classmates adore jewelry. If that gets old, lingerie is my next best bet. Hahha.

I had been racking my brain for the perfect gift for this guy. One day, he thought he would ease the pain by announcing to everybody, “Hey, to my angel, whoever you are, buy me boxers.” How the heck is that helping any? I was actually considering it, but then I was given the ‘look’ by the shopowner when I was pondering whether the map of Ukraine on the pair of boxers was seriously necessary. I mean, given in the circumstances where he would ‘get lucky’ wearing that boxers, geography of Ukraine would be the farthest thing in his companion’s mind, right? It’s not like she’s gonna pick out Simferopol out of the map and say, “Hey look, Simferopol is on your frenulum!” (Kalu sayang mata sila jangan google frenulum ye. Sekian terima kasih.)

So a wise guy friend of mine suggested, why not a game? Oh sungguh lega hati ku. At least there’d be no awkward moments at a PC/PS game store, right?


Again, I was the subject of scrutiny in this kedai. At the entrance je a few guys hung out smoking a chain, when I tried to squeeze through the looks they were giving me “Lady, are you sure you’re in the right shop??”. I tried to make it quick and painless, so in chronology: I asked for GTA 4, the guy behind the counter did a double take on me, even issuing a ‘pardon?’, I reconfirmed my request, only for him to say that GTA 4 hasn’t hit this part of the world yet. Bummer. I had so much fun with PSP Vice City, throwing random vending machines at unsuspecting hoes so yeah, bummer. Hahha.

Interesting lollipop.

Interesting lollipop.

So I backpedaled a few and asked for NFS Undercover. Kalu itu pun dia takde aku tak tau nak kata apa. Bless the child, he did have one, so I purchased that. While waiting for my change, he sized me up, up and down, down and up, gave the polite smile I identified as one you give to a mutual gamer and gossiped to his friends, “Hey, this girl knows her stuff!” I swear it got hot from neck up.   

Awek yang hot. Eh, kereta juga hot.

Awek yang hot. Eh, kereta juga hot.

I still think if I had gotten GTA 4 for my charge he would so worship the ground I walk on. Hahha. I just hope this one would keep him occupied for awhile.

Conversation of the day.
Laily: I wanna buy some spring onions lah. (Picks up random spring onions off the counter)
Joo Ann: Can you please choose ones that look less mati pucuk?
Laily: *bewildered*. Oh my God, sejak bila jadi budak jahat ni? Siapa yang ajar?
Joo Ann: Budak Laily yang ajar.

Well I hope that I don’t fall in love with you
‘Cause falling in love just makes me blue,
Well the music plays and you display
Your heart for me to see,
I had a beer and now I hear
You calling out for me
And I hope that I don’t fall in love with you ~ I hope that I don’t fall in love with you, Tom Waits.


6 thoughts on “Mindnumbing

  1. fatihah says:

    lol..i am so googling ‘frenulum’ pahni.. (utk mengelakkan kejadian spt berikut)
    okie, docs can b a bit silly sometimes. u remember diana my buddy? she is so not naive tp she didnt know what’s bij*kelent*t and asked the most warak guy in her dept. and for the rest of his life, whenever he sees kelibat Dr.D mmg akan terbayang..lol…diana thought it was a type of food(!) she could have save herself some embarassment by just googling it but, yeah, imagine what will pop up on yr screen..paling tidak telepon lah saya..haha..
    aiseh, ini komen yg amat panjang..sbb, i never bump into u online..haha

  2. mary says:

    hahahaha…i did not noe that spring onions could “mati pucuk” gawd ur friend is HILARIOUS! mesti mata u terbeliak kan biler dier ckp macam gitu hahahah
    i am half javanese and half org negeri. hehe.
    kampung kat seri menanti, gunung pasir, kg sikai.
    i just witnessed my FIRST home-slaughtering session! *which was a bit scary but nonetheless educational!*

  3. Frenulum!!!due to my high level of curiosity, aku mengoogle jugak..nah terpampang,cantek punye…hahaha…can you get me the boxer?boleh aku tgk simperopol kat mane..

    Hey, you should check out Guitar Hero. Agak menarik especially those yg bute gitar tapi nak men gitar jugak..macam aku..heheheh

    CHELSEA????better luck next time..

  4. ohhoneyno says:

    HAHAHAHAHA i just googled frenulum. whoops. mana boleh beb, you can’t tell me NOT to look something up, i mati curiousity nanti ada aa.

    sakit matakuuuuuuuuuuu

    oh and i second the recommendation guitar hero. boleh perasan main gitar and nyanyi2 walaupun sebenarnya suara cam katak and jari terlalu clumsy nak main gitar terer2. oh well

  5. kakak saye: omg, not another anatomical part punya nama gracing my blog! but seriously, when i fist heard it i thought dia rakan seperjuangan bijik getah ke mende, i didn’t know it’s a part of a human body, located at such a delicate position. hahhaha.

    mary: bukan takat terbeliak, nasib baik tak jatuh off the sockets, ok? ooo kira half jawa half minang la ni? did i get the math equation correct??

    eddie: gua sudah warning, lu pegi google gak sape soh?? seb baik lu punya monitor ada filter or pekemende tu. so next time, heed warning! 😛 and yeah, nanti gua check sama itu guitar hero. thanks for the recommendation!

    rbs: haaaa ni lagi sorang. itu laa manusia lagi diwarning lagi nak diusha. hahha. yes yes nanti i’ll try mana tau buleh jadi cam richie sambora. ok, mimpi di senja hari. 😀

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