Another Friday, thank God!

Semua jumbled thoughts. First of all, Aaron aka si baby brother aka my husband (cause I always pity him too much even when he is being a pain in the you know where) was whacked by Russians last Friday. Can’t say he didn’t see it coming, sapa suruh kuar tengah malam on a Halloween night to check out chicks. Memang laa sendiri carik pasal. Hahha. Oops, yes I do pity him and with that said, better luck scouting for chicks next time.

Second, I’m amusing myself with the mixed feedbacks regarding Obama’s win. The funniest came from Italian prime, Berlusconi, who referred to Obama as a ‘tanned’ leader. Semua sangat hopeful dengan US, for eg Ahmadinejad yang dulu panggil US as ‘syaitan-nir-rajim’ pun dah nak kawan balik. Sungguh kelakar. Let’s hope Obama won’t disappoint them all.

Autumn is here, I guess (now how many times have I said that, really?). This is a shot of the park en route my Semashko class. 5km walk to and fro. 10 km daily walk. Jia you, Laily! Hahha.

Lawa jugak la kan kampung Simferopol ni?

Lawa jugak la kan kampung Simferopol ni?

On most days Kak Rika would accompany me so while gabbing away with her tak sedor pun tentang alam sekitar. So bila jalan sensorang sambil layan blues tu, seriously, the park turns into a magical place. Especially bila siap ada effect kena tiup angin. With the maple leaves falling slowly around you, therapeutic.


Think happy thoughts 🙂

Hari tu sembang ngan adik. Cakap la tepon buat hal.

Adik: Tepon yang China punya tu ka?
L: Tepon aku laa. Sejak bila pulak republik China ada mandat kat tepon tu?
Adik: Ish, tepon yang beli kat China tu ka? Banyak songeh btol.
L: Yeshhh.
Adik: Hmm. Maybe dia pun ada melamine kot.

Learned to grind from Pavala, who’s grinding with Pugunan soon on Tamil New Year’s dance. All the hip rotation were, eh, at best, intriguing. I kept having to swat Pavala’s hands away everytime she tried to feel me up. Hahha.

Oh, do attend Deepavali’s concert tomorrow at Dom Kultura. She’s dancing to an Indian song with a local guy. Lessee can a Russian guy compete with the tata Rajinikanth, whom on that note, is more deserving of the Datuk knighthood than Shah Rukh Khan. I’d say Sivaji is in more ways than one more layanable than One 2 Ka 4. Lawak yang sungguh berkesan. I wonder why FINAS tak ambik inisiatif to translate Tamil movies like they do Hindi ones. Double standard btol.

Sivaji: Mak, apsal ko tak beranak kan aku dengan kulit putih?
Mak: Oo anak, nanti ko senang kotor.

Memeluk amoi, pembuat siew pau termasyuk di dunia.

Memeluk amoi, pembuat siew pau termasyuk di dunia.

Below is Pavala’s attempt at stalking a Tunisian/Turkish (?) guy. Dia memang laa comel, sorry cuma ada profile tepi since that was the best angle she could get. Tapi this guy makan too meticulously, sikit-sikit lap mulut, sikit-sikit lap mulut. Yennadei. 

Posing kasik Pavala puas hati.

Posing kasik Pavala puas hati.

Ni pulak courtesy of Ana. Biasa laa I watch benda-benda lagho je slalu. How sengal that this video stands next to ‘Kelly Kayne Champion Pole Dancer’ in my YouTube faves. Hehhe. Give it a shot. I laughed especially hard at the part ‘Short-sleeved Hijab’ cause I know sometimes I’m guilty of it too. He had a point, what’s the point of you wearing hijab tapi you kutuk your freehair sisters behind their backs? Macam bagus sangat. Zas. 

Done my laundry so esok uring-uring saja. Yay!

You may think that I’m loser,
But I don’t really care
You may think that it’s forgotten,
But you should be aware
Cause I’ve learned to get revenge
And I swear you’ll experience that some day ~ Lene Marlin.


10 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. rbs says:

    a) awak nampak sangat comel 🙂
    b) saya tak buat laundry lagi. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    c) predictions for man utd-arsenal weekend nih? hehe

  2. mary says:

    simferopol is gorgeous in autumn! i do envy you!

    and the youtube clip was priceless.
    i loved it.
    its simple, and to the point. effective too!
    his brand of da’wah is so apt for our young generation.
    thanks for sharing!!!

    enjoy autumn while it lasts!

  3. LaiLy says:

    rbs: a) hehhe, thank you? b) padan mukeee. hope you have clean socks 😛 c) of course laa 2-1. wahhahha.

    yuni: yeah it’s gorgeous this time of the year. and thank you, babe! tp tak leh lawan your morning face laa 😀

    mary: hehhe please do!
    plenty more from the same guy under the name ummah films in you tube. so go and watch more! and no prob, it’s my pleasure 🙂

    eddie: hahha ala grad tahun dpn mai leee. i’m sure masy buleh tolong buatkan visa 😀

  4. NoRE says:

    babe,gambar yang ade lelaki comel kat tgh tu kan..i tak nampak pun u dengan kawan u,i nampak lelaki tu je..

    MEMANG HOTTTTTTT!!!!!! hahahahahahahah

  5. LaiLy says:

    nore: wahhahha cheitttt. but yeah, it was a mistake laa to watch him eat cause i pun had an ongoing crush on him dgn his russet suede jacket. seriously he’s HOT n macho gile ok.

    awak dah abeh exam ke awak?

  6. nore: hahha bagus bagus. mungkin tahun depan i akan datang melawat ladang you. muehhehe.

    miss aida: yep, come january 20 we’ll see what happens. let us hope he does make it to january 20.

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