Dan Selepas Itu

Hari ini kita membayar utang kepada Cik Yuni (yang tak lama lagi akan menjadi puan).

1) First airplane ride: Err, yang ingat waktu 5 tahun kot. Gi Ipoh. Ke gi KL. Yang tu gua tak ingat.

2) First time overseas: Is Singapore kira aci? 1986.

3) First time living away from your family: Technically, I wasn’t really away from my family since I stayed with my Mak Ngah. My parents were performing Hajj when I was in Standard 4. Since all my abangs semua were either in college or asrama, Adik and I were shipped to Mak Ngah. Siap tukar skolah semua for a month. Agak janggal, agak tak best. I missed my friends, I missed the school bus ride (kat Bintong kayuh beskal je since skolah dekat), I missed the sekolah agama, I missed running after the babu roti, bla bla. Not really the highlights on my childhood era laa that time.

4) First time I had a real job: Surprise surprise, I’ve never had a real job (that is if that means the one that includes EPF, monthly paycheck, etc). The first paid job I had was being my brother’s company’s kerani cabuk for three weeks. The pay was quite handsome considering I was related with the boss and all. Hehhe.

5) First time I felt I was fat: Hmmmm. When my brothers semua tagged team and cakap I was berat bontot back in Form 3. Kejam.

6) First time in love: Hoh, soalan menduga minda. In love, not so sure. In crush yang super megabyte punya tuh, I think back in Form 4 there was this senior who wrote an Incubus’ song lyrics to me (lagu apa tak ingat). But we never had anything going cause dia adalah abang salah seorang kawan saya. But at that time he felt so much macam a soulmate (just cause kitorang suka band yang sama) and both of our names ada dalam surah Yaasin, and everytime tadarus kat surau, my friends would purposely tekan part tu kuat-kuat. Baca Yaasin pun plente. Ish ish. Oh, have fun figuring his name out.

7) First time I felt I was beautiful: Apa inih? I don’t do well with soklan-soklan vain. Hahha.

8) First time at the cinema: Jangan gelak or jangan lempang: Cinta Kita in 1996 cause a kakak jiran nak sangat-sangat tengok. But Sofea Jane macho dalam cerita tu. Juga sangat cun.

9) First time admitted to the hospital: Tak pernah.

10) Five people to tag: Sapo-sapo jo laa.

Gambo BBQ itu hari.

Aaron pigi mana?

Aaron pigi mana?

Eat well, sleep well, shit well. Thank you.

My raya card from the class with Pugunan’s special dedication: Eat well, sleep well, shit well. Thank you.

Bila ada orang nak beranak ni?

Bila ada orang nak beranak ni?

P.S: Gile lah Hull City dari 3rd division ke 3rd placing Premier League dengan sungguh lepaknye.
P.S.S: Americans please do your part as citizens and vote for the rightful president because your choice determines the future of the world for the next four years. And if you think a President with a vice whose family takes a page out of the Spears’, then you’d have a lot to reconsider. Knowing how to form a war doesn’t make a good president, you dolt. Dahla tompang rete bini, tak malu!

I thought the world of you
I thought nothing could go wrong
But I was wrong
If you could get by
Trying not to lie
Things wouldn’t be so confused
And I wouldn’t feel so used
But you always really knew
I just wanna be with you ~ Linger, The Cranberries.


4 thoughts on “Dan Selepas Itu

  1. yunayuni says:

    “Hari ini kita membayar utang kepada Cik Yuni (yang tak lama lagi akan menjadi puan).”

    Thanks for the wake up call 😛 ngahaha..

  2. yunayuni: hahhaha saja je. muehhehhe amik ko sapa soh tak tunggu aku balek nak buat kenduri??

    eddie: bagus btol laa doa ko untuk aku ye. buleh pakai punya member. (aku ada hadiah baeeeekkk punya untuk ko tapi nanti lah :P)

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