Braindead Virtually

Randon randomness ahead. Consider yourself warned.

So many amusing things to read in the news I’d now consider them as my new pick-me-up. Yesterday I read about a Myanmar couple who actually sawed their house in halves to settle their divorce. I wonder who gets the master bedroom.

On a somber note, Ana overspent her 2008 budget and she’s now cancelling her winter Ukraine plan. Thankkssss, Ana. Insya Allah we’ll meet in Egypt, if MY budget tak lari.

I finally get to put a face on the woman who inspired the writings of Tender by Damon Albarn. Justine Frischmann. So cun. I mean, it was not like I had a huge crush on Damon when I was 11 or anything (meep). It is just a beautiful song, dedicated to a beautiful lady, and yes, I am slightly envious. Hmm.

My gynae lecturer rocks, I tell you. He’s been around the world, Mali, Nicaragua, Samoa, Cuba, Alaska (!!), Venezuela, just to name a few. He did say that ‘we (Ukrainian Hospitals) could not compete with Malaysian Hospitals technology-wise, but I hope I can teach you some tricks that you can perform outside of a normal lab to help you with your diagnosing. You can never know if you’d be sent to some rural villages without any microscope or US to help you.”

For example, normal pregnancy and hydatidiform mole can be differentiated by the thermostability of the hCG in the urine. hCG, also known as the human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy, and is the marker used for the stick pregnancy tests we always see on the counter in pharmacies. However, the same hormone is also produced in germ-cell and trophoblastic diseases, for example hydatidiform mole. In rural areas, without the presence of ultrasound, hydatidiform mole can be mistaken as a normal pregnancy. In cases where a physician is doubtful (cause hydatidiform mole shows faster than a normal pregnance, at 4 weeks a woman would look at her 12th, for example), and in absence of any technology, pathological hCG can be differentiated by heating the woman’s urine (icky, I know). Persistent hCG after heating may indicate presence of trophoblastic tumor. Of course, it is not diagnostic, but it helps, right?

Last Friday we threw a quick BBQ. At first eating was the only agenda, it’s what we do best after all. Then Pavala suggested Charade, a game I hadn’t played in forever. We lay down the basic rules; must be the movies all of us have watched at one point or another, cannot be any Korean (Shashi groaned at this), cannot be porn (the guys groaned at this) and cannot be more than 5 words. The team which fails to answer within the time allocated must do a pole dance. Good food failed to take the guys’ minds out of the gutter.

Last night pulak I finally took a break from the land of the hermit and join socialization: we attended the Raya Gathering hosted by the Kelab Umno. We bear in mind it would be our last, and since Eid would be out pimping her SLR, why not.

Women are masochistic by nature. But in occasions where Russians mabuk would kacau us, I could just step on his balls with this.
Women are masochistic by nature. But in occasions where Russians mabuk would kacau us, I could just step on his balls with this.
Kievskaya 153 with Faida, Chik and Yeen.
Lawa laa baju hang, Wei Chow.

Lawa laa baju hang, Wei Chow.


Pae 🙂

Mirul yang macam nak pi akad nikah. Hensem ni. Sapa mau?

Mirul yang macam nak pi akad nikah. Hensem ni. Sapa mau?


Ros 🙂

Bila buleh raya ramai2 lagu ni lagi agaknya?

Bila buleh raya ramai2 lagu ni lagi agaknya?

Cun kan Gunasundari, awek Indian sebelah Masy tuh? They were so many non-Malays sporting baju kurung, baju Melayu last night. It was awesome.

Sok dah start Obs. Malasnya.

The world’s a roller coaster
And I am not strapped in
Maybe I should hold with care
But my hands are busy in the air, saying,

I wish you were here… ~ Wish You Were Here, Incubus


5 thoughts on “Braindead Virtually

  1. rbs says:

    haaaaaa ambik jugak advice saya about not being a hermit ye? bagus bagus, kalau tak dah ready nak marah dah niiii.

    ada gak mamat2 hensem kat kampung ukraine ye? tak nak intro? gatal plak hahahahaha

    and yes i owe you an email. jap aa, lemme get settled with everything first. meantime i’m glad you’re well!

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