Techenia Nedeli.

What a week.

Starting off, hope all of you had a wonderful raya. Ours was okay, the usual I guess, just a little bit more meaningful than the last one since it’s going to be our last raya abroad. Contrary to popular beliefs, it doesn’t suck as much raya-ing here in Simferopol as long as you have great friends with you, you’re bound for a great time.

A sangap moment where the tree looked so huggable.

A sangap moment where the tree looked so huggable.

So we didn’t really jet off to Vegas or anything similarly exhilarating but I admit I had been on dorkily high spirits all week-long. Despite having to attend classes (til late afternoon while others had been let off early. Cikgu skema!) I was still pretty happy, without any obvious reasons. I guess Raya just does that to us. Witnessing abortions did dampen the mood a bit, and when I said I could do without another ECG? Well, I lied. I’d take ECG over abortions any day, medically indicated or not.

Tu botol peach soda I songlap from jamuan post-prayer (cause budak pompuan bladder kecik so tak minum byk maka berbotol2 bakinya) and I repeat, that's not minyak masak!

Tu botol peach soda I songlap from jamuan post-prayer, bukan minyak masak ye.

I get a little wistful thinking it would be my last raya over the phone with my folks, family and friends, Insya Allah. The great communication tool is especially handy these last few days. Spoke to practically everyone that mattered: Kerol with his laksa slurping, Afiqq with his unintelligible babbles, Kak Tiha who was a bit miffed that I didn’t tell her about my new hp number, Ana who sounded so impossibly joyous (and smug. Mentang2 dpt balik raya!) and Amal. And I bet you 5bucks I got into her abah’s good book after that call. So sekarang gerenti aku leh ngorat ko lah ek Amal?

Gorgeous weather and gorgeous friends, alhamdulillah.

Gorgeous weather and gorgeous friends, alhamdulillah.

Two nights ago Kak Rika and I went out with Ipin to celebrate his birthday. Check it out I ended up with a marriage proposal. Wahhahha. Oh and he even got us roses. What a sweet boy.

Birthday Boy whom I used to throw rocks at.

Birthday Boy whom I used to throw rocks at.

Semalam pulak we opened our door and our kitchen to the rest of CSMU-ians for the finale open house. To cut a long story short, we were beat but we were happy, satisfied with the equally-happy faces of our guests. We would like to take the opportunity to apologize for any shortcomings regarding layanan or the food. Insya Allah next raya kita jumpa lagi, in home grounds 🙂

1st batch

1st batch

Batch yang paling byk makan. Hehhe.

Batch yang paling byk makan. Hehhe.

Dan banyak lagi gambo yang tak terkabir nak upload. For more pics visit Eid’s FS. Dari gosip kedai kopi katanya Eid pun dah ada Facebook. Hahhaha.

Kerna hari ini yang kan kita rindukan
Di hari nanti
Sebuah kisah klasik untuk masa depan ~ Sebuah Kisah Klasik, Sheila On 7


4 thoughts on “Techenia Nedeli.

  1. napelah btol juice hang pa sungguh hodoh sekali,betol2 macam botol minyak masak…

    open house without inviting me!!!takpe,next year onwords, no more raye cards for any of you guys!!!

  2. NoRE says:

    hahahah,i pun ingat tu minyak masak and i was thinking

    “aik pakai cantik2 pi jalan raya,tapi bwk minyak masak?”


  3. LaiLy says:

    eddie: wahhahha siyot je. ala murah punye maa. ko igt org nak kasik free ke kalu mahal. hahhaha next year aku tamau kad raya. nak duit raya. theeheeheee 😀

    yunayuni: wahhaha dear, kalu aku nak kawen you’d be among the first to know, ok? one of my sengal guy friends la, takde keje dah tu, biase aaa sakat aku. rilek ye yuni, jgn konpius 😀

    nore: wahhaha dah agak dahhhh.
    nak tgk gambo raya you laa awek!

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