Papai Cardio. Sawadeekap, ObGyn.

Warghhh. I’m done, done, done for! Adios cardio. I’d be grateful if I won’t see another ECG for at least the next two months, thank you very much.

We had a sleepover(?) cum Qiam last night, only, if you call bergulung dalam selimut til came dawn Qiam, that is. Not entirely my fault, since nature takes its course and now I’m munching on a Julie’s biscuit at 3.51 in the afternoon. Hehhe.

It was fun to have our humble abode packed with so many girls with loads of stories to tell from the last summer vacation. Besides, Syaima came aimed with a tupperware full of pre-cooked karipaps and a Spanish thriller film entitled Rec, so the all girls’ night began.

I just need to point out, while the other girls were praying tarawikh, Kak Rika and I took the liberty to fry the karipaps that Syaima had painstakingly perfected to beauty.

Laily: Oh, s**t! They are stuck together la Kak Rika! (panicks and tries to pry the karipaps apart).
Kak Rika: What did you do?? Eh, orang buat lawa-lawa tu kan dah hancur.
Laily: Alamak, not my fault! (tries to mould the lump back together). Can I just roll them into bola-bola?
Kak Rika: …

I know. Karipaps and I don’t mix well together. Lepas tu ada hati nak buat karipap pusing tu. Fuh, tinggi sungguh cita-cita.

Detour: I can’t resist adding a few words regarding the movie Rec. Sapa-sapa yang belum tengok pi la download (of course, make sure you have the English subtitle if you’re not Rosalinda’s long-lost cousin). For a low-budget thriller, it was stomach-able, non-gory unlike the last 4 rendition of SAW but! But! I couldn’t help but feel like the noisy female reporter could use a bitchslap or two. Gabra tak bertempat.

Then Che Sue, Yeen and I decided the night was still young and watched the Grey’s 5×01. Hotdamn, the trauma surgeon IS hot. As usual, Grey was her indecisive self, but it was so sweet that what her person, Christina, thinks counts.

The next day, the movie marathon continued with 4bia, the four-part Thai horror film. Jiejie, Pae, Che Sue and Yeen screamed especially loud watching The Last Flight to the extend our nextdoor neighbor started banging on the wall to warn us. I was watching The Amazing Race Asia (Henry & Bernie make me miss Kerol) with Chik and Eid pun had to pause and laugh our asses off. Gila kuat okay. Imagine four subwoofer speaker coming from the next room. Mestilah jiran aku seperti rasa hendak membunuh orang. (Tapi 4bia’s Last Flight tu memang bangang punya seram so I don’t really blame them).

So now that we have the house so eerily empty, I feel like I’m at out of things to do. Nak tido, dah tido. Nak makan, dah kenyang. Nak keluar, angin macam kena rabies kat luar. Nak buat apa ni?

Satni la rajin nak hantaq e-kad raya kat semua orang.


5 thoughts on “Papai Cardio. Sawadeekap, ObGyn.

  1. amal says:

    I knowww.. henry and bernie are so sweeett kan?
    did u watch masa diorang terbalik tricycle tuh? kesian giler!

    Happy Eid, hun…
    eh, tp ko dh raya pon ek? hahahaha..

  2. Aku baruje abis layan grey’s,ok jelah episode tu,nothing best pn. tapi aku rase rugi arrr Mc Dreamy pilih Grey..sbb Rose lagi cunn arrr…

    Selamat hari raya..maap zahir & batin

  3. naz says:

    Hey you selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin! Hope you had and continue to have an awsome Eid! I’m packing up on the kilos I sooo susahly tried to lose… %&?!@#!%!!!!

  4. LaiLy says:

    amal: hehhe yep i did. they’re a bunch of fun ppl lah.

    happy eid to you too babe 🙂 next year kita konvoi sama2 k?

    eddie: hahha yeah i agree nothing special except for the presence of the hot trauma surgeon 😀 well i’m sure it’s not about who has the nicest complexion with derek, it’s about with whom he connects to the best kot? ntahhhhh.

    nore: heh, kuih tunjuk made in mydin byk ler 😀 ape cite arsenal ngan porto mlm tu? klakar gile. arsenal really has to pick up his game lah.

    naz: halu awak selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin jugak! ala best nya laaa packing up the kilos wishing i could do the same tp mana sempat nak kena pi klas ni haa. hehhehe

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