So I finally got around to watching Sex And The City (bad idea during Ramadhan. Duh, if the title isn’t any indication, I don’t know what is) and the result: Gilelahhh. Six carelessly-strewn snot-and-tear-filled tissues with huge red-brimmed eyes plus cramped zygomatic muscles (oh, that’s the piece of meat that works on your smile :)).

And who do I identify with?

Definitely not Charlotte. She’s too kind-hearted. Come on, the best insult she could come up with was “I curse the day you were born” when I could think of another 59 obscenely obscene insults to be thrown might tell something.

Carrie is too much of a fashionista and in her quest for love, she forgets the existence of the surrounding. The war, the famine, the hurricane, and George Bush. She’s lovely per se, but that gets only so far.

Miranda. Sensible Miranda. Always weighing between the good and the bad. The pros and the cons. Sensible is good. I am 67% sensible most of the time but that does not make me forget personal hygiene. Meep.

How about nymphomaniac Samantha? Err? But she’s an excellent friend, I give you that. Also her effort to stay faithful, man, that was like climbing Everest.

Anyway, the lot are going to see Barca and Shakhtar on Oct 1st and they are trying to pull me for the ride. I wonder how my mak would prefer to murder me with if I skip Raya. Hmm.

On the bright side, that’s 4 guests off the open-house list. Hahha. Naseb korang lah.

Happy sungkir, people.


6 thoughts on “SATC

  1. rbs says:

    wahhhhhhhhh tak tengok lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii walaupun dah berzaman dah download. demmit. i think it’s impossible to identify with just one character because they can be so exaggerated. kira i’m a carrie-miranda hybrid kot. haha.

    i left my email address this time! shy lah nak start email2 ni, you start lah ye hihi

  2. Eddie says:

    Hey, aku tgk movie tu mase dlm flight, agak boring cos aku tak kenal charactor semue sepatah haram bofore, sampe tertido aku dibuatnye..heheheh…
    Wah, nak pi tgk Yaya toure yg encem tu ek…

  3. hehe…same! i pun baru jer tgk, and at least i watched it at night..hehe same here laa, i almost cried at every other scene (even the part where they show carrie’s new closet!) haha, but i love the scene where charlotte said NO! to big..that was just amazing..hehe i still love charlotte…:D

  4. rbs: sila sila la pi tengok. on second thought, postpone it til lepas pose. hahha. i wont be held responsible for any kurus pahala puasa. muehhehhe. carrie-miranda hybrid? damn, you must be hot, woman! hahha.

    p/s- dah email dah 🙂

    eddie: hahhaha totally faham-able. ko je yang rasa toure tuh hot kan kan kan? lagi nak taichi kat aku. hehhe. ko bila nak balik ke pangkal jalan nih?

    amal: glad you’re holding up okay, dear. dont forget to take your medication!

    yuni: wahhahha tu aaa pasal. aku terlupa daa. pakai click je. and yeshhh abeh touching la that scene. big deserves the rose attack and the scene where charlotte pooped her pants? aku gelak tak boleh blah. hahha.

    mynnzach: hahhahha yeah you gotta love charlotte. she’s just so amazing and tries her best to please her friends. we must have a charlotte to keep our sanity in check so yeah, i love charlotte.

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