Stick and Stones

Ramadan Al-Mubarak y’all.

Bersama maskot-maskot keluarga Haji Bakar.

Bersama maskot-maskot keluarga Haji Bakar.

Idong penyek dan pipi hamster yang hereditary

Idong penyek dan pipi hamster yang hereditary

"Psst Afiq, kita kasi pusing sama kepala tok," kata Adam.

Psst, kita kasi pusing sama kepala tok

Heart attack aku tengok OTH 6X01 bila Lucas kawen dengan Brooke. Although the both of them are never canon in my eyes but it was so sweet of Brooke to buy Lucas flowers for their anniversary. Or maybe I just have a soft spot for Sophia Bush since she’s hot and a half. Go Brooke, boo Lucas. Tak kesah pun aku Lucas kawen ngan sapa-sapa pun cause dey macha, you’re one infuriating guy. Choose already. Chad Michael Murray pokoyo anyway.

I was listening to RHCP’s Zephyr Song when I realized, that was the exact same CD bebudak 605 gave me as my 19th birthday present (who listens to CDs anymore? Abes old skool la aku). I’m sure it was Zali’s brainchild (he couldn’t tolerate my height but I like to think he could do with my musical aspiration) and the guys just went along with it. Oh, I missed the seniors already.

This week alone two of my loved ones masuk spital. And they dismissed the thought of telling me about it. Hello? Does everyone forget how the phone looks like these days?

Nowadays I spend my calories battling Pugunan on Burnout, laughing til I wheez at random, at times lucah jokes pulled by my housemates and walking the half-a-mile distance pi balik spital. And the weather is not helping. Woi autumn, ko bile nak datang ni?

So heavy-duty exercise regime is in order. Eid and I fancy ourselves the next Lilyana Natsir.

After I dream having three helpings of that thosai, chutney and mutton curry we had in Dubai. Hotdamn. Ana, I don’t like you for being able to have that for breakfast everyday. Not fair.

And try as I might, it doesn’t seem to disappear. You’re here, there, mostly everywhere. It’s there. Here. I feel it. I see it. But to believe in it? I’m afraid. Afraid to fall too deeply. Afraid of getting out burnt. So all I’m asking, don’t push. Not unless you promise to break my fall.

Terima kasih.
(Oh, this sucks. Now I’m gonna have broken bones. I knew it.)


8 thoughts on “Stick and Stones

  1. LaiLy says:

    DD: ooohhh it’s raining cats and cats i assure you. salam ramadhan and eid mubarak to you too!

    amal: cheit! hahha at least boost back my self-esteem lah! hampeh nye member!

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