Panasssss (not that kind of panas).

1. My ISP is robbing me in broad daylight again. There was a storm some time late last month and it resulted to me being deprived of one of the greatest invention of men after potato chips, that is the internet. At first I didn’t mind it as much, but after almost three weeks of going Bleach-less, Sindarela-less (hahha, still can’t believe I actually enjoy watching this, especially part mak tiri Zoela tuh), I have to say I do miss my 512kbps line. Dah laa tak dapat gelak-gelak macam orang gila tengok YouTube lagi dah. Oh, woe is me.

2. So I had to rely on this thingy (notice the serious lack of intelligence regarding the subject matter of technology?) called Bluetooth DUN Connection provided by my handphone line provider which is extremely slow, nak bukak satu page kena tunggu setengah dekad. So sorry kalau lama tak visit others’ blogs and bertanya kabar.

3. Exam dah start. One down, four more to go. Euro pun dah start. Two games in a row, with only enough time in between to pi mandi and Maghrib. Bukan nak sebok baca buku. The eve of my therapy exam, buleh gamble tengok Holland vs Italy. Saw muka Buffon like deer in headlights tak after that first goal? My God, he’s getting old. Still couldn’t believe Italy koyak dengan Holland 3-0. Agaknya brapa juta orang kalah betting hari tu? Earlier pun sempat tengok France Romania. France pun makin hampeh. Too bad Henry is injured.

Macam next day cekgu nak tanya aku soklan Nistelrooy sumbat gol pada minit ke berapa? Sapa yang buat cross kat dia? Sengal… sengal.

4. The best thing about it is my housemates pun nompang nengok jugak. Usually aku sorang-sorang je la dok melalak depan TV. Berbekalkan cherries sekilo, we park ourselves in front of the TV and telan cherries for the next three hours. Refreshing to see my demure and sweet housemate Masy is so taken by Hakan, Turkish defender (aku rasa la, tak ingat laa dia main mana). Guess you have to start growing your hair eh, Eddie? Muehhehhe.

5. Boringnyaaaa. Hari panas nak mati. Even Shiro-chan and Ichigo couldn’t take the heat. Banyak-banyak tempat dalam rumah ni diorang pi tido depan toilet sebab lantai situ paling sejuk. Rasa macam nak pi sidai diri kat ampaian sambil minum cold Ribena. To top it all off, kena baca Peds. Apsal aku nak jadik dokter dulu??

You’ve already won me over in spite of me
And don’t be alarmed if I fall head over feet
Don’t be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn’t help it
It’s all your fault ~ Head Over Feet, Alanis Morissette


2 thoughts on “Panasssss (not that kind of panas).

  1. lifeinside says:

    ukrtelekom is having their own internet line, n i might try it next year. if u have landlines u can join the bandwagon heh

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