Dear My Meant To Be

I had an almost two-hour long phone call with Ana. At first it was me bawling my eyes out about getting a B in Traumatology (I know, I’m such a loser.), after that it was focused on her impending arranged marriage. I thought it was perfect since I’m the laziest person I know, I could just shove the issue of finding myself a life partner to my mom and be over with it. The thing is, she was rather put-off by the thought of marrying a stranger without prior knowledge of the person’s background (other than the fact mak bapak dia orang mana and how much his income is. Hahha) so I came up with a simple solution: a questionnaire, of course.


Here’s a simple tip: they are not rocket science questions. Just to gather some quick facts and compare notes. And maybe see if we’re compatible at all.


1.       How many rukun sembahyang are there? What is tama’ninah? (Must get the basics down. Hehhe)

2.       Who wrote the Quran Fi-Zilal?

3.       Is Robert Mugabe plain delusional or a hero in your view? Who is Robert Mugabe? (To see if he even flicks on the CNN/BBC in his spare time)

4.       What is your opinion on Hak Keistimewaan Orang Melayu and Rancangan Buku Hijau? And the 70-cent oil price hike-up? Hahha. (He mustn’t be ignorant about the history of his own country. I’d say this is mostly influenced by my history-loving brother.)

5.       Name 3 of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ songs. If you’re not into the 90’s Californian rock scene, tell me 3 of Guns N Roses’ hits.  (We must at least have one song we can sing together to, right?)

6.       What do you think about Zenit St. Petersburg’s latest season? Good coaching or good players? Or both? (I’d be damned if I had to stay up alone watching CL/UEFA. I’m not saying it’s a must, but to have a husband who enjoys football as I am is a plus.)

7.       Do you laugh to Will & Grace? How bout Journey to the West? Do you even laugh at all?

8.       Do you drive normally below or above 150kph? (My parents and brothers usually drive at the speed of light, enough to transport you to another galaxy. So riding somewhat slower than that would feel extremely weird.)

9.       Are you okay having a working wife who is sometimes going to be absent for at least 30 hours straight, once a week at most? (I didn’t spend 6 years cracking my head as a med student and a crapload of govt and my parents’ money just to be a stay-at-home mother. May be in the later years, and I’d like him to know I would perhaps venture for a double degree later too. I love studying, as hard to believe as it is).

10.   Is it okay to have a guy best friend? Or guy friends at all? (Are you insanely jealous or merepekly insecure? Tell me first hand so that I could scram.)

11.   Would you be willing to go on one of my ayah’s sporadic fishing trips? Just to bond? (I’d be glad to teman his mother merentas Chow Kit.)

12.   Are you cool being married to a short, stumped midget with a flat nose and dubious sense in fashion? You may not be able to put her on display for your friends, you know. (I’m not Carmen Soo so the least I could do is be honest with him about my appearance.)

13.   Would you mind terribly spending our honeymoon trekking around the Java Island in search of good food and scenic highlands? (I love food and I am not cut for romantic getaways in Paris or Rome or whatnot.)

14.   Would you still love me in the morning, funky breath, eye booger, crazy hair and all? (I’d love him forever if we agree on some basis on the first 11 questions, so it’d be nice to have him love me back. :))


Whoever my husband is, he is going to be my king. So it’s only fair if he has all the answers to my questions, right?


What would you ask your meant to be?


10 thoughts on “Dear My Meant To Be

  1. random blog stalker says:

    you know, i had a list too… tapi in the end when you meet someone who gets you right THERE, then the list kind of goes flying out the window… 😉

    not that it’s not good to have standards lah, but sometimes the unexpected can be a blessing! 🙂

  2. akmal says:

    Dear my meant to be,

    Would you let me spend at least one weekend a month with my best-est friend without ANY disturbance at all from you? (You know how much I love you and all.. but you see, u just can’t be my girl too)

    Where to this year? Tioman? hi hi

  3. LaiLy says:

    eddie: hahhaha. but actually it does stop there 😀 come on, i’m not a that eager to be an andartu, ok? 😀

    RBS: i’ve come to two conclusions regarding you. one, you’re a romantic person at heart. and two, it seems like you have found your meant to be 🙂 they’re not guidelines, but serve as a purpose to give him a heads up of what he’s getting himself into (or who he’s getting himself with). hope you and your meant to be are well 🙂

    amaL: hahhaha, i concur! i have this some sort of premonition yang aku maybe posting kat perlis. hahhahha. while i have no objection to that, it sure puts a damper to our plan to joli katak togeder-geder. how? and nooo, i was thinking lepak umah aku kat sepang je. tapi nak pi smp tioman pun ok gak. muehhehhe.

    yunayuni: oi sengal, haven’t you gotten yourself your meant to be ady?? nak kene nihhhh. 😀

  4. lifeisaduty says:

    something to ponder in the morning. ahha.
    i hv a list too.. but come to think of it, i have to answer those qs 1st b4 having the future partner answer it himself.

    at least ade jawapan template 😛 senang nak buat correction.. haaha

  5. random blog stalker says:

    let’s just say… i think of him as my meant to be, but i’m not sure he thinks i’m his. oh well… sometimes love can be bittersweet :).

  6. LaiLy says:

    RBS: Whoa, profound. I’m no expert, but why don’t you ask him for confirmation? Hehhe. Nanti lari melepas pulak. It has been known, guys are not known to wait around. (I guess, sila jgn tampar saya if not true :D). Thank God for patient women, eh? Good luck, and keep me posted, perhaps?

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