Potluck dan CL Lagi

Rasanya baru je dua tiga post lepas blogged about potluck.

We threw another one tonight. This time my assignment was: Strawberry Cheesecake for Amoi n Pugunan’s bday. Before they reached the decision, they spew out cake names sesedap oren until I mencelah, “Korang ingat aku ni bakery?”

The food seperti biasa was superb. After semua dah satiated (food-wise. Keep your thoughts above the waistline, please) we brought out the newly-published year book and started the outrageous gossiping. Nobody was left unscathed. Semua kitorang taruk.

Lau Kong: (pointing to a particular fourth year girl) This girl ganas lah.
Everybody looked bewildered.
Pavala: What? She looks so sweet only?
Lau Kong: Ganas la. Hari tu I tengok dia gigit boifren dia. You saw already right, so many lovebites the next day.

Ngeng punya Lau Kong.

Now I think I have already come to terms with Chelsea’s loss in CL and I’m able to comment impartially. So many drama ensued since the final. Avram Grant was sacked with a 10mil cheque for compensation. Drogba pun a goner. Abramovich is not interested to keep second bests in his team. Messi and Robinho are joining the Blues. Mourinho pulak signed a deal with Inter. And rumor has it Rijkaard (sumpah aku tak reti eja nama mamat nih) is coming on board as the new manager.

I’d be sad to see Grant go. Tak kesah la dia Yahudi ka apa ka, he’s a great manager. His faith shouldn’t be an issue. Now that he’s laid off I wonder whether the team is permitted to visit Msia or not. He’s managed to pull Chelsea so far in less than a year. If there’s anybody to be blamed for Chelsea’s downfall, I’d say Drogba did a swell job. The red card, sungguh justified. He was agitated at Vidic, who was in fact, an excellent defender (tak macam captain Ferdinand yang hampeh) tapi kamon laa, takkan ko sampai nak pi tampar mamat tuh? He should have known better. Oh Drogba, how I pity you so for two-minute of lack of judgement resulting to a career doom.

As a side note, finally! Mer and Der are back together. If I had to see these two limboing around with their feelings for another full season, I might be forced to kill somebody. Speaking of McDreamy, I had a double-shot of him today. Made of Honor adalah total cliche, sesuai ditonton sekiranya anda insomniac. Tak payah telan pil tido konfem jalan. Nasib baik lagu best: Smash Mouth’s Walking On the Sun, Oasis’ Stop Crying Your Heart Out and James Morrison’s You Gave Me Something.

20 hari lagi exam. Lalalalala.


8 thoughts on “Potluck dan CL Lagi

  1. Jose Mourinho has described Chelsea’s season as ‘really bad’ and insists the London club’s campaign could only be described as great by someone with ‘the philosophy of a loser’.

    The former Chelsea boss was speaking before his successor Avram Grant was sacked, but was critical of the 52-year-old Israeli’s short stint in charge at Stamford Bridge.

    Mourinho, when asked if the season had been a good one as depicted by Grant, told The Observer: ‘That depends on your philosophy of leadership.

    ‘In my philosophy it was a very bad one because in football ‘almost’ means defeat and Chelsea almost won the Carling Cup, almost won the Champions League and almost won the Premier League. Almost is nothing.

    -taken from soccer,i rase mourinho sangat kejam.hahahahah.tetapi kacak.

  2. wehh,bile nak kasi aku rase cheesecake..huhuuh..

    In your wildest dream la messi same robinho nak join chelski..but for sure Nasri akan join Arsenal…hahaha

    Yesss,what a grand season finale!!!aku tak sangke yg si Hahn and Torres betol2 lesbo.

  3. random blog stalker says:

    mer and der! if they danced around each other again for an entire season i would have given up on grey’s altogether kot. and yes, made of honor adalah terlalu cliche, but then patrick dempsey adalah sangat hot… enough of a trade-off lah tuuu 😉

  4. LaiLy says:

    nore: dia kejam, tetapi hensem. memang betul. har harr. lessee his magic with inter milan pulak.

    DD: really? will try it soon 🙂

    eddie: bile bile blehhh. tapi ko laa beli phillie cheese tu. kat sini cream cheese sekilo baru 20 hengget. kat mesia dah 50. hehhehe. bila lagi aku nak rasa duit gaji ko dak? 😛

    ness: salam. aight, changing your url soon 🙂 thanks!

    RBS: see, i even have an acronym going for you :D. regarding merder, exactly my sentiment. but pasal patrick dempsey tuh i beg to differ; he’s dreamy laa jugak tapi not enough to keep me awake throughout the entire movie laa kan. hehhehe.

    ctdalilah. i suppose. hehhe.

    miss aida: thank you, babe. luck to you too 😀

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