Serdsebienie (Heart Palpitations)

It was like wanting an A in Infectious Disease, but you’re not really sure cause it’s not really everything you know like the back of your hand (which is scalded now too, by the way), and end up getting a B+. You’re justified, but you’re dissatisfied.

So was the penalty kick last night.

Now, with panda eyes, I’m braving the crowd to school, mentally preparing myself to deflect any attempts at menganjingkan me by United supporters.

Mangkuklaaa. I haven’t slept past one am in ages and it was all for nothing.

Terry, go buy a new pair of boots!!

The only thing that soothes me was Ronaldo’s penalty which was saved by Cech. Muka ko diat, Ronaldo! Rindok ati ku! *Gelak jahat mata bersinar kejap*.

Ok, wish me luck at school (no, not for school, but for the less-than-desirable sneers and jeers from Man U fans).


3 thoughts on “Serdsebienie (Heart Palpitations)

  1. random blog stalker says:

    aww, i won’t sneer and jeer at you.

    *smirks quietly in self-satisfied fashion*

    agak kesian aa jugak john terry after that. tapi not kesian enough to give him the trophy though… wahahahaha.

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