A Quick Self Reminder

1) When ironing your tudung on your unmade bed, at least make sure let the hot iron settles properly on its bottom lest you want another skin flap on the back of your hand (which hurts like bloody %*^%$*, if you must know).

2) The fancy box of tissue you bought is to wipe your oily face on daily occasion, spilt water on some other klutzy occasion and do not finish the entire box wiping off snots cause you’re too much of a loser bawling over season finale of OTH.

3) Get enough sleep if you don’t want to keep on manually peeling open your eyelids.

4) And never, ever, be a Peyton. Punya laa ramai lagi laki dalam dunia ni. Let it go.

5) Please don’t slap your forehead too hard or stomp your feet too loudly tomorrow in the event of any misfortune hitting Chelsea tomorrow. Keep in mind Kak Rika would be sleeping a foot away.

6) Baca buku laa weyh~ Tak reti-reti nak insap lagi ka?



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