Visions, but only Illusions

1) Al-Fatihah for the late NAZA Group Founder, Allahyarham Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin Amin. With his departure the country has lost one of the most prolific Muslim entrepreneurs and a great humanitarian.

2) Burma cyclone, Chile volcano eruption jugak. Hanya mampu iring dengan doa je la…

3) I circled 21st May on my calendar. With Euro Cup coming, time management is an issue: to juggle between books and football. Tensi btol. Waktu nak summer exam laa depa dok buat Championship. Dulu World Cup. Seb baik tak barai third year aku. Ni Euro pulak. Adalah wey.

4) I wonder what goes on in RPK‘s head. To be arrested under the Sedition Act, jailed and refused to post bail. I do not know him personally but I doubted he couldn’t afford the requested RM5K. What he is trying to execute is noble, perhaps more or less like a rendition of Gandhi‘s era: to undergo starvation as a sign of protest. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” At least, RPK is brave enough to face our miscreant, if not, misunderstood government. Refusing to meet his wife and kids I understand, maybe he’s avoiding any emotional complication. Refusing to post bail, I’m kinda lost to it. Maybe it’s an effort to show his innocence, berani-kerana-benar propaganda but to leave his family high & dry while at it? Not cool.

Tapi ye laa, kalu dia tak buat sapa lagi nak buat? Ko yang dok tuleh/baca ni, sanggup ke buat, labu?

My prayers and best wishes are with him. Hope he’d come out unscathed. (Wishful thinking).

5) Kak Rika has safely delivered a baby boy, minus the 38 weeks of gestation and outrageous moodswing. Here’s the child:

Langsung takde muka si mak.

Quick stats. Name: Toushirou (inspired by Hitsugaya Toushirou of Bleach). Nick: Shiro or Shiro -Chan by aunty Laily. Age: 2 months 1 day.

I named him. I am so proud of myself. I may have never had the chance to name a homo sapien, so to provide a name for a cat pun cukuplah. We were undecided between Dima (short for Dmitri), Aleksei (in honor of Cekgu History of Ukraine Kak Rika yang hensem. Katanya laa.) and Inzaghi (cause time tgh brainstorming tu Shiro-chan dok sepak bola kertas dpn TV yang dok tayang game AC dgn Inter).

So Kak Rika sudah menyahut panggilan. I laughed so hard, short of snorting when she started to baby-talk to the cat. You know, like “Shiro lapar ye sayang? Kesian anak mama ni.” Huahuaaa.

Let’s just hope she won’t start singing lullabys to the poor cat. (She is officially going to stab me with a chopstick).

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing
And what do we think we might see?
Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,
The lovers, the dreamers, and me. ~ The Rainbow Connection, Kermit the Frog.


3 thoughts on “Visions, but only Illusions

  1. I love the Rainbow Connection!

    It’s interesting how we abroad are affected by the RPK news, but I suppose we all see him as a campaigner for a Malaysia we all hope to see one day.

    Hope your studies are going well.

  2. miss aida: love the kermit! i just wish more of us are aware of his campaign. he’s somebody worth of our attention, isn’t he?
    hope your studies are going well too 🙂

    staind: hahhaha, no idea, adik. it just popped into my head cause i love the lil’ guy 🙂

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