L for Loser

Remember how I skipped Odessa getaway and decided to spend my weekend at the comfort of Simferopol zipcode? This is how loser-ish it turned out to be like:

1) Thursday, attended Sisterhood Gathering in hostel. Had a swell time hosting the berbalas pantun slot. The crowd laughed and had fun y’all so it was all good. The whole event was entirely relaxing and educating and most probably the only non-loser time I had all weekend.

2) Later, after late lunch (which was scrumptious, eaten in the presence of all my usrah family), I dashed off to Shashi’s to prepare for the 154th potluck we were having in the evening.

3) Due to my prior engagement, the kids let me off the hook from cooking and just asked me to prepare the fruit punch. Bought the mixed fruits, Sprite and Mango juice when Shashi decided to steal my fruits in order to produce a fruit custard. Amoi would be miffed.

4) It turned out Sprite and Mango juice alone managed to do the trick. But the line I said about being let off the hook? Spoken too soon. Shashi yang mengidam, I was the one who had to whip the custard out. Thanksss.

5) Makan besar was a success. Watched lots of goal highlights of the Chelski-Liv game. Came back around 9 after the taxi driver ketuk me out 20grives for a 5min ride, took a late shower and terus terjun ke katil. Books be damned.

6) Friday didn’t fare much better. Kak Rika had already left for Odessa the night before. I woke up to the sunshine on my face (very pleasant. Lamak der hadn’t gotten the chance to wake up after the sun), subsequently putting a lazy grin on it, before I realized, dammit, Suboh! I gave Suboh dinosaur a whole new definition.

7) I spent the whole day youtubing, it’s my latest obsession. Right after watching Obama and Clinton’s Umbrella parody, the net line busted. So I decided to ransack my D disk and look what I found! Ghost. After forever, I was finally giving it a go.

8) Ghost was definitely a whole new genre of cerita melayu. No, I can’t even categorize it as that. A melting pot of actors and scripts, it represents Malaysia as a society well. It was refreshing; famous celebs hoing around, breeding bastard child as they go six feet under, whiskey as the new Sprite, and voyeurism as the new look. Really, why watch Kay Tagal (or whatever latest Filipino soaps the TV3 is currently airing) when you have one spiffy drama back home?

9) 10 eps really ain’t that long. By 9pm I was out of things to do. So I baked. Culinary skills needs sharpening. Too many eggs lying around. The milk is getting rotten. So orange cake for supper and midnight snack.

10) It’s Saturday. Shashi called informing Pugunan’s tarik tali at 10. So, am gonna pick myself off this bed (sumpah langsung tak comfy, with the spring squeaking and poking into my ribs at every turn but I just can’t seem to peel myself off it) and go to earn my much-needed Vit D. Hope today won’t turn out as loser-ish.

Aku baca buku esok-esok je la.


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