Another day, another scrap of conversation.

Kak Rika: Next week Labor Day jom pegi Odessa (a port town).
LaiLy: Erm…
Kak Rika: Oh, you dah pegi kan with your classmates.
LaiLy: No, not that. Well, lagi sebulan dah nak exam kan.
Kak Rika: (Insert deer in headlights face here)
LaiLy: I know, I know. Please, by all means, lempang je I.
Kak Rika: (In a straight face) No, I tak rasa nak lempang. I rasa nak cekau leher you, pastuh dunk dalam toilet bowl.

Zionis tak Zionis hosmet aku nih.

On another note, I live for EPL drama. Every inch of Chelsea and Man U game reeked of Sandiwara Semasa.

1. Vidic’s nosebleed. Poor man, not even a dose of porn and he’s bleeding his nose off. Drogba did knock him good.

2. Passing of Lampard’s mother was acknowledged by the whole team with the black bicep band. Ballack actually pulled off his jersey and paraded a T-shirt with said deceased name after scoring the first goal, resulting in a yellow card.

3. An argument between Drogba and Ballack ensued on who was rightful of the free kick. My bet Drogba was just bitter from being deprived of scoring the first goal.

4. Head pushing took place between Ballack and Ronaldo. All sorts of amusing.

5. Ronaldo kicking off the ball from the middle of the field right to the back of his own goal post. The commentator was astounded. Must be the overwhelming heat getting to him.  

6. Hargreaves getting the ball (no pun intended) aimed at his family jewel. Ouch, that oughta hurt.

7. The highlight of the game was Carrick’s handball, ensuring a penalty kick for Chelsea.

It was such a glorious day. Really, I don’t take joy in other people’s suffering, but it’s about time Man U loses some of its much-inflated ego. (Hides from flying pots and pans).

I was so exhilarated I would have done a cartwheel if I knew how to (moot point, just felt like mentioning).

P/S: Cekgu ENT saya macam muka Petr Cech. Amacam?


4 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. random blog stalker says:

    and yet… guess who’s going to moscow?

    haha… a united fan to grace your blog. what a bummer, eh? 😉

  2. miss aida: exactly! hahha. 😀

    random blog stalker: oh my. not another one. the world has enough of your kind. it’s okay, the best team shall prevail. 😉

    eddie: wahhaha. hansep. langsung tak supportive 😀

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