Semadi Nadai

1. I am officially the world’s crappiest friend. She was telling me about her inconspicuous breakup in a very reserved, cool manner, while I went and burst into tears. Yep, she was the one who had her heart broken but I was the one whose freaking damn well broke. Go figure. Yet another reason to lose my faith in serious relationships. They were such a cute couple too.

2. OTH 5×15 is pure fluff! I especially adore the part where Jamie spelled his L-O-V-E to his mom. Awww I swear that boy drives me into sugar coma 😀

My favourite OTH girl with my favourite OTH boy.

3. For a pick-me-up, go watch BBC Hard Talk with Mahathir Mohamad. Stephen Sackur is well known for being a hardnose journalist who had grilled several tough questions to Bush, Musharraf and Clinton, to name a few. In a way, I adore this guy with his ways to push the appropriate buttons to get them all riled up. However the reverse scenario took place with our ex-Prime Minister. Stephen tried his best to ruffle a few feathers; the VK Lingam scandal, Datuk M’s apparently dictatorial and anti-western speeches but all was deflected but the old guy in good grace. I laughed especially hard at the part where he defended his anti-western comment:

Mahathir Mohamad: Well the Europeans used to call us the lazy Malays, incompetent Malays, untrustworthy Malays, we couldn’t say a thing about you. So when I was in a position to say what we think about you, and I did and you don’t like it. When you said it to us you expect us to like it. We didn’t like it, but we had no way of making our voices heard.


Stephen Sackur: Do you feel confident that people still listen to your message?

Mahathir Mohamad: I wouldn’t be able to say. Why should people worry about me?

Mannnn, I wish I could be as witty and brutal as he is. Adds up to all the fun 😀

4. But the hardest laugh of the week definitely goes to the moment Ronaldo missed the penalty. Harharrrr. Too bad Kak Rika was sleeping if not I would have done the happy jig. Forca Barca!!! (Disclaimer: I am not a Barca fan but any team against Man U, you have my utmost support :D).

5. Cekgu ENT aku hottt seh. I spend 10 extra minutes bersiap nak pegi kelas. Somebody please lempang me.

Sekian sahaja. Nak pergi belajar ENT. 😛


6 thoughts on “Semadi Nadai

  1. NoRE says:

    I baru tgk part 1 of hard talk tu, Mahathir was damn witty. I like the way he answered the questions,very composed and intelligent. And his answers were very cohesive to the question,takde tersimpang keluar tajuk, at 80+, and your thinking is still cohesive, that is amazing !! (although there are certain things I disagree with him)

    Stephen Sackur pon gempak, clearly he did thorough research on Msia before drilling Dr M with questions.

  2. wey,bikin aku suspendje,ep 15 mane kuar lagi,next week laaa..Jamie mmg sungguh adorable and talented ,impress dgn part die rap ngan Q on ep 14…the best below 12 actor Ive ever seen!!!

    Sophia….Sophia…Sophia……(my nose is bleeding)

    DR M…simply the best!!!!

  3. naz says:

    I loveee Jamieeeee!!!!!!!! He’s the cutest wittiest lil thinggg. I thought it was cute too how he spelled it out.

    That Sackur dude kept on interjecting everything in mid sentence. Tak sabo2!

  4. amal: ko nih lost sgt nihhh. Tu anak naley la. But Sophia is just so dotting on the child and I love her for that. Nanti balik aku pass HD ko gi laa enjoy ye. 😛

    nore: exactly! jampi apa agaknya org tua tu pakai ek? semoga kita tua2 nanti pun kuat ingatan mcm dia, aminnn.

    eddie: ish, tak kesah laa but cold hard fact: jamie is officially my favorite actor. hahhaha. ko nak tisu ke for your nose bleed? 😀

    naz: ouchhhhh. thanks, i guess. i needed that 😛 and jamie IS the cutest wittiest lil thing 😀

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