Dear Queen Rania

I finally picked up my Infectious D. book after a month hiatus when I gatal tangan to surf YouTube for any updates on my subscribe. I’ve been following Queen Rania: Send Me Your Stereotypes since it first launched (as a campaign to deflect Fitna), inviting people on the WWW to discuss openly about Islam and Arab world.

Oh, sunggoh lawa.

Queen Rania’s humanitarian effort is applauded but I couldn’t help feeling she isn’t doing much to awaken her own nation. But of course, at least she is a royal who actually does something, rather than sit around in her humongous palace just looking pretty, which is saying a lot considering others are pretty much stationary (most are present just to hang on their spouses’ arm in big functions and to fill the spot on the wall next to their husband’s A4 portrait).

The latest issue she is discussing centers on Arab and Muslim women. She laid down facts and statistics but she failed to lay down her defensive speech. Admitting to yes, violence and oppression on women generally occurs in the Arab world, but why, for the love of God, nobody is doing anything about it?

I get the standard question of ‘Are you wearing hijab for your future husband?’ all the time. My wearing hijab has nothing to do of being subservient to men, or my non-existent future husband. Granted, I started wearing hijab because I thought I looked cute in it when I was in Standard 4 (insert snicker here), and just kept going from then on. Of course I grew out of my childhood idealism and gained the real perspective: I am wearing it because it is my identity, as Laily, a Muslim girl, who despite not having much knowledge of the religion, is still humbly trying to look the part.

Watching ANTM brought another scandal too, “Why was Fatima circumsized? It is cruel, not to mention revolting. Why would your religion permit such a conduct?” I would like to see Queen Rania justifying that one, including arguments that there was no verses in Quran condoning the act, and how hadiths never once stated it obligatory. Confusing circumcision and genital mutilation as a part of every-day conduct. How people keep mixing up pagan rituals and blaming it on religion.

Even something as ridiculous as driving becomes an issue in Saudi Arabia. Why are they so afraid of their women sitting behind the wheels in their land? That one day said women would come to their senses and ditch their over-controlling, sadistic men and drive off somewhere less stifling? It is sad to see, in a holy place protected by God, such discrimination against women is still overpowering.

They are serban-wearing, tasbih-bearing and claim to be the devout follower of God. But how they refuse an entire chapter of God’s summon (Surah An-Nisa) is beyond me.

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. 4:34

Queen Rania, thank you for your effort and renewing my faith in royalties, but I think it’s time you kick some ass and get into real action.

And men, please love your woman, let her drive your car once in awhile, tap her gently when she messes up, because Lord has given you the responsibility to care for her as she will love you back unconditionally. 🙂

P/S: As for Puteri Rania of Sin,dar,ela, can anybody say ‘adalah sangat!’ please?  😀


One thought on “Dear Queen Rania

  1. amal says:

    i watched her on oprah, and she’s so hotttt! :p

    and yes, muslims should really learn to what are cultural rituals and what are not! *shrugs*

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