La Vie En Red

To describe gynae class in a word: definitely amusing.
Gynae ward experience? Let’s just borrow mastercard’s masterpiece for this one: priceless.

Female organism is one of the most complex creatures ever created by God. I would go as far as stating that her complexity rivals that of a male. Not only anatomically, but also emotionally/psychologically, hormonally, socially, economically (retail therapy, anyone?), etc etc. Women can be the main reason of a nation’s success, and also can be the culprit behind its fall.

So yeah, focus. Gynae class.

My teacher had an endometriosis patient who came in a few years back. According to her, the patient was a very attractive female in her mid-20s, married, with a son, and complained of painful menstruation. Upon further check-up, endometriosis was revealed. It is a condition where the internal layer of uterus (where menses blood originates) can be found on other parts of the pelvic cavity, resulting in painful menstruation. Upon further prodding, my teacher found out that her patient’s husband had a very healthy libido (at which all the guys snickered): coitus were everyday including on days of menstruation. (Heran jugak why my teacher trus assumed husband yang wanted to hump like rabbits, not the wife yang horny tahap pelik2, but whatever). One of the reasons of endometriosis is regurgitation of menses through the uterine tube into the pelvic cavity. Therefore, due to the, ah-hemm, vigorous nocturnal activities, menses blood took the wrong path and endometriosis ensued. (Ni teori cekgu aku lah.)

Must be one the main reasons why Islam prohibits intercourse during menstruation.

Other than that, abortion cases agak bersepah in this country. One of the documentary noted that 80% of Russian women have undergone abortion before, each around 2-10 abortions. Some are even as young as 15 years old. Average age to lose virginity: 12 years old. Piker-piker balik, dulu when I was in Standard 6, I was still in the ‘Boys Suck’ era. Mungkinkah perkembangan minda Slavian kids berlaku lagi awal daripada Asian ones? In that case, Malaysian kids, by all means, take your time to grow up, okay?  

Main method: curettage. Simple and cruel. I couldn’t even begin to describe the ferocity of the procedure. I’m sure dulu kat skolah (especially girls’ school) in PE lessons you were made to watch ‘Silent Scream’, a documentary showcasing an abortion via Ultrasound.

If your stomach can handle pieces of snapped fetal limb and crushed skeleton smaller than the size of your palm, try youtubing it.

Gynae may not be so bad. Minus the abortion, of course. Let’s see if I could ever get the hang of Vaginal Examination (poking into genitalias has never been a favorite pastime of mine), maybe I could give it a real thought.

It’s amazing to see me reading through this scene
Of love and fear and…
~ Apologies, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals


6 thoughts on “La Vie En Red

  1. obygyn is my 2nd choice after surgery due to the fact dat it’s dituntut oleh agama to have female docs for female patient esp when it comes to female stuffs hehe

    p/s: i think the average age for Malaysian girl losing virginity during our grandma era rivals dat of Slavian kids =)

  2. you are like my living dr. meredith grey! i love ur entries. i am so pleased to make ur acquaintance. *i’ve always wanted to befriend a doctor 🙂 *
    my name is maryam, friend of NoRe. salam perkenalan

  3. “Average age to lose virginity: 12 years old. Piker-piker balik, dulu when I was in Standard 6, I was still in the ‘Boys Suck’ era”

    Back then, virginity wasn’t in my vocab yet..ahhahaa

  4. ctdalilah: cayalah. you go, girl 🙂 regarding the ideal age to lose your virginity tuh, well, zaman our grandmas the girls were still inadequate in taking care of themselves. it was about being protected by their male counterparts. as of the slavian kids now, it is mere hormones and err, more hormones. so yeah, there you go 😀

    mary: aiseh, i thought i hit dr. yang fairly close. grey pun jadi lah 😛 but on the reals, thank you and my knowledge blom smp tahap tu lagi maa… cik ctdalilah pun bakal dokter jugak, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce you both to each other 😀 and salam perkenalan to you too 🙂

    eddie: sama! hahhaha. p/s. tengkiu sgt laa kerana menambahkan titik itam dlm otak aku ni ye (dalam nada sarkastik) 😀

  5. damn..that endomet story..the husband’s “ehem” is that long to be able to go beyond the cervix and injured the uterine tube and implanted the endometrial tissues?need to injured the tube some more to be able endometriosis takes place…i think regurgitation alone is less likely to cause it…but theory is a theory…ur teacher might be right though

    about the virginity story..currently malaysia is progressing toward the developed country…i don’t know the detailed statistic about that but a lot of secondary school students nowadays already become sexually active…and more than 90% of IPTAs & IPTS students who had sex didn’t use condom or what so ever contraception methods (proud to be malaysian???)…and for sure we should expect the increasing trend of abortion (illegally..of course) since our government hospital didn’t perform such thing unless medically indicated.

  6. LaiLy says:

    ah jun: wahhahha, i am no expert but why not? regardless, i don’t think regurgitation occurs due to the mechanical friction, more like due to the contraction of the uterine wall and reduction of the vaginal wall in female orgasm causing the menses proper to regurgitate. mcm muntah jugak. you don’t have to jolok your jari all the way into your stomach for the food to revisit.

    yeah, i am kind of aware the rate malaysian kids start reproducing nowadays. maybe one because condoms is such a taboo subject. not that i am condoning pre-marital sex, but if they can’t avoid it, why not start playing safe? i think it’s time we have to face the fact that sex is no longer a close issue and start educating youngsters about it from scientific POV, and also religious POV.

    oh, sunggoh panjang. hope the feedback somehow appeases you 🙂

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