Extra-Long Weekend

You know I really love spring cause look around, the 10-inch mini skirts are out, ppl! Had a fun time wrinkling my forehead trying to figure out how it could be that the waitress’ apron was longer than her skirt at yesterday’s lunch.

And the blooming flowers!~ It triggers this funny dorky feeling inside you that you feel like smiling every single time you see them.

The downside of the great weather is the wind that comes with it, and also the ray. Ray I can tolerate, but the wind? I need shades, fast. Corneal laceration, anyone? With the dust accumulation I bet you my taik mata is quadrupling. Getting shades would be much easier if I’m not presbyopic. But since I am and I can’t wear fake glasses without sidestepping into a drain, which sucks. Cause I won’t be able to buy the Made In China Dior sunglasses, which are butt cheap (20 grivens, man. Who cares ciplak tak ciplak as long as it protects your cornea it’s cool, okay?). I need to get the prescribed ones and if you think for a minute I’d spend a grand on my sunglasses, think again. Well, maybe not til I marry Fernando Torres kot.

Masih cuti. Who wants to talk about how Sarkozy sucks, give me a holler, k?

Update on The List. (Cause Miss Aida rocks as she is supportive 😀 Thanks, dear)
1. Obs and Gyn notes. Progressing. Wei Chow, paper soklan aku hang buat balut nasik lemak ka?
Peds? Can’t say much. But I got all neonates covered! Go me!
2. Still working on the weighing scale. I might as well bribe it with some cookies and milk so that it’d finally show me the figure that I really really wanted to see.
3. I found a segere punya croissant fold kat Furshet. Haha. To quote Jeffrey Archer, “Shall I cut the long story short?”
4. Found a $199 ticket on sale starting 31st March! Puji Tuhan!
5. The Eye was fun. Well, at least Jessica Alba was hot, so it was fun. 88 more movies to go.

Good luck laa to sapa-sapa bersukan esok. Vseva dobrova.


4 thoughts on “Extra-Long Weekend

  1. amal says:

    yeh.. yeh.. u’re coming back soon! ok ok.. it’s 3 months away.. but still, you’re coming back!!! wheeeeeeeeeeee~

  2. LaiLy says:

    amal: yup, coming back!! can’t wait to jadik good samaritan like you are 😀 hehehhe

    eddie: i kid you not. 10-inch, man. or maybe shorter. wahhahhaha nak tisu ke??

    miss aida: nah, getting used to it already. and noooo, $199 for istanbul-simferopol. kl-simferopol ard 700$…

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