Bola Lagi

Dah lama tak cakap pasal bola. I renewed my vow of hatred towards Man U after watching the game against Liverpool. Seriously. I was this close (the space between my thumb and my index finger) to wishing that the Munich air disaster would repeat itself. I know. Sungguh setan of me to wish of such catastrophe, but man, if Cristiano Ronaldo’s lobang idong get any bigger, so help me God I’m doing a solat hajat for him losing a kidney.

Aaron requested for sambal ikan bilis extra bawang. Aaron got his sambal ikan bilis minus the bawang (I didn’t realise we ran out of bawang). In return, I hinted for a slice of Princessa’s butter cake. A 3.50 griven cake compared to my penat lelah bersin macam orang gila deseeding the cabai kering (I’m the Queen of Exaggerating Extraordinaire), I believe it was justified. So imagine my disappointment when I was looking forward for the delicious cake all afternoon, only to find an empty tupperware returned back to me. See if I ever cook anything again for that mangkuk. Huh.

And is it just me or semua orang nak jadik MB kat Mesia?

Selamat Birthday, ayah. I know you don’t read this blog (cause I’d give you an aneurysm with my colorful vocabs, so you really really should stay away) but I love you, you’re the coolest, paling hensem ayah around. Allah bless you always with wisdom, health and prosperity. Aminn.

I thought I should mention, my latest stalkerish obsession is Sophia Bush of OTH. Dia adalah a dark beauty yang sangat hot, okay? Chad Michael Murray tu buta ke spastic ke tak tau la, but Kenzie Dalton?

On another note, here’s my one-month goal:
1. Abeh kan buat nota Gynae & Peds.
2. Drop 2 kg (tak abeh-abeh. Sudahlaa…)
3. Finally buat croissant. Which however indirectly contradicts my number 2 goal. Decisions decisions.
4. Beli tiket Istanbul-Simferopol. Which I swear if not for the 30kg luggage of cilikering,ikanbilis,kiubayamknorr,ketupat,kuihrayas,serbukkaris, I’d rather swim across the Black Sea than waste my 400bucks over a 1hour flight.
5. Abehkan tengok the movies in my external before it explodes and Shashi complains about lack of space to shove her Korean serials in.

Oh, sungguh ambitious.
Wish me luck.


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