Salam Maulid Nabi

Oh, banyak nye laa masa nak tuleh blog. I’m so free and so bored I think I could even start on learning how to knit.

Instead of berzanji, I watched the high-fashioned drama entailed in ANTM 10×5. Apa nak jadi? Nowadays we can’t even put a hand on our hip without Pavala breaking into ‘You wanna be on top?’ song. I know. I wonder what Tyra was thinking when she wrote that song.

Oh, thy garters!

After ANTM, I switched to OTH. Oh, the angst! The drama! I’ve never been an avid follower of OTH but Season 5 stepped out of the typical high-school punya background into adulthood and I think, sure, I could get used to this. And let me tell you, I fall in love with Naley. I mean, of course Nathan Scott is nice to look at, but the enigma of the couple, both him and Haley is what makes Naley works. Add an adorable son to the picture, Jamie, I’m sure all of the female viewers (I doubt there are any male ones, are they?) synchronously cooed awwww to that. I recapped through all the back episodes for Naley moments and I especially love the ones in Season 1. But lately with the presence of Carrie, the nanny-turned-husband-stealer, Naley is on the verge of breaking up. Tidak!

Leyton? If they don’t get their issues straightened out by next eppie, I might pull a Brooke and smack both them faces.

A few days back marked the 5th year of US occupation in Iraq.

Let’s hope it won’t make the 6th year.


3 thoughts on “Salam Maulid Nabi

  1. DD says:

    [sis saya baru sudah habis medik servis di iraq.]

    i dunno why i tot of u when i read these words: “A woman is like a tea bag, you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    u swimming the black sea… hehe prolly sit on the dolphin’s back the whole way across, sleeping :p

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