8 Random Stuff About Me

Dear Mynn tagged me, although I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before, let’s.

8 Random Things About Me

*crickets chirping*

Honestly, this one is quite too trivial. Hahha. Here goes nothing.

1. I’m extremely ticklish that I can feel tickled even when I am physically not. Err, okay, that doesn’t sound quite right. For example, when I get too jahat in class (ergo: going around pinching and pulling Amoi and Joo Ann’s hair), Amoi would reprimand me by using the tickle threat: she would simply hold out her index finger to my side, without even grazing it. I’d back away as fast as you could say ‘Uncle’.

2. One of my golden most embarrassing moments took place in KLIA. Nope, I didn’t topple down the escalator or jammed my foot in the toilet seat. I was simply caught red-handed smuggling porn magazine into the country. Yep, a sweet, demure girl like me smuggling porn. Who would have thought? 😀 It all started as a favor for a friend (nama dirahsiakan untuk mengelakkan aib. Hehehhe), who managed to talk me into buying one for ‘educational and reference purposes (ayat dia, bukan ayat aku). I thought, what the heck la kan. If not, he wouldn’t diam about it. So, porn bought at the last minute in local pasar (seb baek 3 hengget je. Murah jugak harga membogelkan diri ye sekarang ni?) so I shoved it into my hand luggage. Perihal membeli and tawar-menawar dengan makcik rinak tu another story. Upon reaching KL, I made a mental note to stash the mag away before my parents got their hands on it hence resulting in lagi punya panjang cerita. While pushing my trolley towards the exit, kena tahan ngan pakcik guard. Sudah. He said, “adik, bukak beg kejap.” I was, “aiseh pakcik, mak ayah dah kat luar tu.” He went, “kawan-kawan kamu banyak bawak vodka, so standard procedure laa adik.” Hansep punya budak-budak. I was sweating seLautan Pasifik by the time the pakcik tug on my hand luggage zip. To cut a long story short, the whole fiasco ended with the pakcik had a new impression on ‘budak-budak belajar jauh-jauh’, kena gelak kena leter for a few, mag was safely not confiscated, and a very very red merah-padam me. Piker-piker balik, I repented, screamed a few at said friend (who only laughed back in return. Double hansep), and I swore off porn mags sampai bila-bila.

3. I take a very long time to get my point across. Tak percaya? Refer number 2.

4. I am presbyopic. In simple: rabun dekat. And I’m not even 40. I used to wear reading glasses in high school (yang nenek korang pakai waktu baca surat khabar tu) but stopped after a particular accident in Form 5: I forgot to take it off after class. I was walking to the Dewan Makan with the throngs of budak-budak skolah around me when I miscalculated my step (because of the cursed glasses) and stumbled into a drain. Seb baik it was a shallow, dry drain. Safe to say I provided quite a laugh to both juniors and seniors alike.

5. I ate a frog once. Unintentionally. It tasted quite like burung puyuh.

6. I wrote a letter to AJ McLean in Standard 6. I waited and waited for a reply, which never came. I never wrote another love letter after that.

7. My favorite food is tempe goreng sambal (extra rangup and tipis ye), hati ayam masak pedas and Id’s masak lemak. Tapi bila piker balik, asal halal tolak batu kayu, I’d be happy to makan.

8. I have no idea how to top up my Maxis account. Usually in Malaysia I would have my mak do it for me. My 53 year-old mother knows more about technology than I do. Sad

There you have it. Random stuff about me revamped into snippets of Laily’s most awkward moments.
Tagging: Ana (for your new blog), Amal (a divert from politics :D), Nodee (take a break from all the studying, will you?), Eddie (take a break from all the working, will you? :D), Jasmin (haven’t heard from you in awhile :)), Stanley (miss you, dear brother), CtDalilah (roll on, sista), Nore (babe, I saw Medvedev in jeans on TV lagi :D)


5 thoughts on “8 Random Stuff About Me

  1. naz says:

    Looks like we kinda ave 2 things in common. I am rabun dekat also. I wear my glasses on & off so when I don’t, some ask whether I wear contacts, which I don’t either. I always hesitate telling people I rabun dekat sebab agak memalukan. Hahaha.

    I wrote a letter to Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT) in Std 5 ke 6. No replies either =(

  2. naz: oh, you’re alive! thank God! 😛 been missing having you around, dear. omg, you wrote to JTT??? wahhahha. i skek lagi nak tuleh tu devon sawa kalu tak silap but he was too blond for my liking. huahuaa.

  3. nodee says:

    wow. frog meat. i forgot how burung puyuh tasted like. nanti nak try lah. hehe. and tempe sambal rangup manis pedass iss the veryyy sedaaaap. i eat it almost everydayy kat foodcourt campus 😀

  4. naz says:

    I didn’t like Devon Sawa either but Jonathan Brandis was uber hot! I reread your post and hereby would like to clarify that I did NOT write a love letter to JTT. Hahah. It was merely a fan letter. And heyy… he went on to Harvard Uni tauuu!

  5. staind says:

    huhu.. number 2 and 6 are extremely funny.. aigoo.. i rili cnt imagine sis being lec cz of porn mag.. mb i shud be aware 2 nxt time.. haha.. nt dat i bring porn stuff, mb sme other illegal things maa.. ;p

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