LaiLo Technology

I read the most hilarious thing the other day:

I hate girls. Really. No guy should ever have to deal with anyone remotely as moody as women. It’s suspicious enough that they can bleed for five days without dying, but the fact that they can change moods in under three seconds? That’s bordering on exorcism. ~ some rockin’ fanfic writer out there.

So I’m not going to pull a Natasha Hudson and claim that piece of witty remark as mine. (Btw, did you guys read about the Kek Coklat plagiarism stuff? Psht. Please. Cheese cake is so much cooler :D). Yes, it’s witty and no, it’s not demeaning, because it’s true. If it takes you more than three seconds to go from squealing happily to downright bawling your eyes out during that time of the month, you’re not 100% of the double X category.

Maybe you’re a transvestite/transsex. Hey, one would be curious. Didn’t you see how some people go to Bangkok with a tail dangling between their legs and return with a pair of camel humps on their chest? And went from Jay Chow to Coco Lee? Anything is possible.

Hospitals would definitely be less drabby if we have more doctors looking like him around:


Not going to squee this time around, but I’ll give you a heads up. He’s the protagonist head surgeon in Jdorama Iryu Team Medical Dragon. Enjoy.

And now the rant.  

Have you ever felt like bitchslapping somebody that annoys the sunshine out of you but you figure you’d end up feeling too guilty cause he’s being a loser and you should have known better? Ayah did say something along the line of ‘be the better person’. But being a better person is taking a toll on my sanity and it’s giving me rashes on my palm cause my palm is itching just to make contact with that person’s cheek and leave an impressive shiner there.

Whoa. All out in one breath. Forgot to take my chill pill.

Tomorrow Eid and I are going to throw a surprise party for Masy and Kak Rika. It’s less than 24 hours away and so far they are none the wiser (I hope?). That’s a major achievement if I may say so myself. Try living together with the surprisee (I swear I have an etymology encyclopedia of my own), with all the element of surprise (ie: the balloons, the ingredients, and the cake) housed under one roof. Both were so curious with the amount of kacang (it’s gonna be mee rojak) and agar-agar we boiled, but thank God I have the foolproof alibi: for usrah and chinese new year potluck in the evening. It was hard sneaking around hissing plans back and forth, what’s with Masy wanting to read eeeevery single SMS received by Eid, and Kak Rika’s inquisitive nature. The only place Eid and I could conclude any real planning is in front of the toilet door while switching turns. So if all things turn shitty I might have a few ideas as to why.

Well, of course, that is disregarding the fact that Kak Rika reads the blog occasionally, and if she does in the next 12 hours, I’m going to be slaughtered by Eid 8 different ways.

Let’s see if she has a future in butchery. 😀

And Happy Rodent Year, everybody.


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