I don’t know if these songs sound familiar to you:


Bobbb the builder

Can we fix it?

Bobbb the builder

Yes, we can!


Scoot, Muck and Dizzy

And Roly too

Lofty and Wendy

Join the crew


Bob and the gang

Having so much fun

Working together

They got the job done!


Tak pun…


Here in Higglytown

Things all jump around

Just like the Higglytown Heroes


They all work together

Having fun together

Come see the Higglytown Heroes


These songs had been playing in my head, my dreams, my wake all summer last year. And all of the sudden, I’m feeling déjà vu. I think it’s the tell-tale sign I’m missing a particular budak kecik.


Kak Tiha once laughed at me when I subconsciously sang this song while walking in Jalan TAR with her. She said, “Ini sindrom bibik alias babysitter budak yang gila PHDC.”



Adam n Paksunye


Adam Mickhael may be cute, but he’s the evilest 4-year-old I’ve ever known. He wakes you up at odd hours. He pulls your hair and slobbers your face with kisses to wake you up. He demands piggyback rides. He converts you into an instant artist. He owns the TV remote. He picks on all of the carrots in your chicken soup. He taunts you with his grin and mocks you with his gurgling laughter. He’s the reason you have recurring nightmares about matchstick men, paper planes, tripping on plastic Spiderman and falling flat on your butt.


Sometimes I wonder, how can a four-year-old affect me so much?


2 thoughts on “Missing

  1. fatihah says:

    hey there.. i’m back! hehee..

    missed that lil kid too. instant artist. hehe.so true. “lukis ni” “lukis tu” “lagi dan lagi dan lagi..” lol..

    eh.gong xi fa cai. angpow? =p

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