Going Alopecia.

Spent the whole afternoon holed up in the kitchen. I can now identify with varicose-vein sufferers everywhere.

Happy birthday Pavs, Shashi, and Joo Ann. (Too tired to come up with something spiffy to say, but you guys know I love you a whole bunch).

It seems like cooking and baking is all I’ve been doing lately. Makes me sound too domesticated it’s freaky. I need to start paragliding or something soon.

Lately I’ve been contemplating my destiny post-uni a lot. I know, still one more year to go, but with some of my seniors leaving, I’ve been somehow pushed into the thinker’s position myself. The inevitable is to go back, register with the MMA (or is it MMC? Takpe, tak masuk exam pun.), attend the interview and fill in the posting form, and prepare to be sent off to somewhere as convenient as Selayang or the furthest of ulu as Kapit (no offense, but Selayang-Kapit is no LRT distance).

But the Malaysian government hates us anyway, so do I go back and suffer the cynicism from the ministry of C/h/ua S/o/i L/e/k’s ex-throne or do I skip town?

Ana’s been talking about luring me into doing HO in Dubai as a part of the ‘two stooges’ campaign, and honestly, it is tempting. A totally different place, fresh faces, it’s like starting anew. Tabula rasa.

But then my mind kept reverting to my kampung, and how I promised my relatives to come back with a medical degree and take care of their medical consults. Sure, berlambak je dokter kat Mesia, but I don’t like to disappoint.

Watching the news on BBC and hearing my lecturers’ escapades in Chad, Congo, Somalia, treating Loa-Loasis and preventing malnutrition there left me wistful.

Then I was reminded back in my homeland pun banyak je those unfortunates especially the ones living in rural areas. Daripada pegi jauh-jauh better I go and straighten my own backyard dulu.

Decisions, decisions.

Pugunan cakap ‘balik kawin je, senang’. Lutut mu laa senang. 😀

Anyway, mengapakah WordPress punya message center cam its mak punya external genitalia? I can’t even post a message in my own blog. Apakah?

Nat Geo is showing a documentary about King Tut soon. Oh, can’t wait! Poyo much?

Happy Monday, people. 🙂


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