His Eyes Were Closed, His Heart Was Open

The medical specialty for you is…. Pathology. Pathology is the best of all specialties. A pathologist is a doctor who knows everything and does everything, but it’s too late. As a pathologist, you will not only be able to avoid patients, but also nearly all living human contact. You’ll find yourself bringing your microscope to the beach with you. But you will have the most humorous anecdotes to tell people when you get invited to parties. That is, if you get invited to parties. To find out what your specialty best fits your unique personality, go to:What Medical Specialty Is For You?

That was a bit freaky. Yes, I did peer at the pathology books more furiously than I did with the rest, but a microscopic addict pathologist chick is just not right. First of all, I barely survived Histo. I couldn’t tell a lymphocyte and a neutrophil apart. I don’t mind dead bodies, hence the possibility of a future in forensic, but patho? I don’t think so.

Damn. And I was aiming for neurosurgeon too. Guess I’m just too weird, eh? 😀

Btw, props to Miss DewiSoulhaa kerana saya mengebas kuiz ini dari FS anda. Tengkiuuu!

Tropical Disease today, and we’re stuck with the same prof we had for Infectious Disease. *Wails*. Do you know how many times I fell asleep in the class just now, regardless of the recommended 6 hours of sleep I had last night? I’d be writing something down and the next thing I knew, my eyes would snap open and see that my handwriting evolved from the barely-decipherable chicken scratch that it was to something totally illegible, draggy convoluted doodles. At one point Roswinder (guy from parallel group) grew sick and snapped ‘Laily, bangun jangan tido!’ so loudly from across the table and I did just that, I bangun-ed. Hehe.

My ayah would be shaking his fist my way if he knew his sweet little daughter who never caught a wink throughout St. Mary’s days falling asleep in uni, numerous countless times. Ish ish.

Did you guys catch latest Grey’s? The fact that Meredith tried to make breakfast for her upset stepsister is really something I aww-ed for quite some time at the scene. And Lexi, who was touched by her sister’s gesture, ate the omelette no matter how revolting it looked, let alone the fact that she has egg allergy.

Oh, I missed Kerol I actually shopped stuff for him. What a lucky ass. I too want a sister like me. Haha.

I wanted to review The Bucket List but I figure it would be too pointless. It is a great movie, with a great script and even greater main casts. I’ve always loved Morgan Freeman in his movies especially The Shawshank Redemption. Jack Nicholson appears a bit sleazy for his age but I guess he’s the perfect candidate if V/i/agra ever needs a spokesperson. The plotline is simple, to the point, and maybe because of its simplicity, it is too straightforward that it loses the element of suspense (it is a comedy movie. So just ignore me). Nevertheless, it is a feel-good movie, bittersweet, may leave you drenching the sleeves of your t-shirt while at the same time causing you stomach cramps for laughing too much. Not definitely a waste of your afternoon if you decide to download and watch  it.

Oh, look at the time. Hitting the sack. Need all the shuteye I can get to survive tomorrow’s class. Amin!


4 thoughts on “His Eyes Were Closed, His Heart Was Open

  1. amal says:

    no shopping for me? :p
    next time u come back.. we’ll go round sabah nak? ^_^ hehehe..

    tgh byk ZERO ringgit flights niii! when are u coming back lah?

  2. hey i did the test and they said i am supposed to be a dermatologist! damn! maybe they knew the fact that i’m so darn lazy hahaha. well being a derma at least i won’t kill anybody right.

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